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Life is fun.  I think every family has their problems.  In the monotony of everyday life, its nice to have the opportunity to break it up a little.  So, we are going to have some harmless fun, send some postcards around the world, and make someone smile.  Everyone will be in on it.

That is, everyone but one Mom.

Basically, the idea is simple.  Send something to mom.  We started with postcards back in November of 2003.  The last week of 2003 we started requesting bottle caps.  The items are useless, but simple to mail.  If you can afford 23 or 37 cents a month, you can help this project.

Each month, the item will change.  If you don't have the named item, you can always send a postcard.  Postcards will always work.

If you think this is stupid, or that I'm mean, send your hate mail here.  You may get to be featured as the idiot of the month in the You're Ignorant column.  Or better yet, click here.


When I'm not pranking someone's Mom, I'm running a professional web design and hosting business.  Need a website?  Need Quality hosting?



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