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The Postcard Project - May 2004

Hey there again, its your long lost friend, Will. I know, I know, you probably thought I was Mr. Sasser.B - but nope, it's just me. Mom's birthday is this month, so we've got something special in mind for her.

Mom Update
Well, Mom is doing just fine now. Thanks for asking. She called me last Wednesday around lunchtime, on her way home, after being booted from school. As you may remember, she's a para for a local school. Well, she got/had pink-eye. So they asked her to leave. She's over the pink-eye now, but I've noticed this other thing in her eye, a gleam of interest from all that is going on in her mailbox.

Mom currently receives between ten and twenty pieces of mail a day, on average - thanks to you. She still gets a lot of postcards, but she's also received a few letters - one that was 7 pages long - and many comic strips.

Mom is definitely confused as to the origins of the mail. I think she's moved past blaming me onto some of her siblings, which suits me just fine.

This month is Mom's birthday, and we are going to be celebrating at the end of the month. More about that below.

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Site Updates You May or May Not Care About
We've had a few surges in traffic this month, but overall we are doing fine. We've surpassed 300,000 hits since January. Cool.

I changed commenting programs for the blog. Hopefully the new system will work better, and you can leave your comments successfully. I really enjoy everyone's participation, it makes the day go faster.

Many people have asked me, if/when the website starts showing up on TV and radio, will I tell Mom? No way. If I tell Mom, the gig is over. If I have a shot at a national (or even regional!) interview, I'll take the chance to get more people sending Mom stuff. Eventually she'll need her own mail-truck. Wouldn't that be wild?

I also have contacts at a few other press-related agencies. We'll see how those work out, as well.

Lastly, I received another You're Ignorant mail. With well over 2,000 people sending Mom stuff, I've only received two negative mails. And no one has told Mom who the culprit is. That's pretty good odds! You can read the hate-mail at the site.

The May Item
May is Mom's birthday month. Her actual birthday is the 27th, but let's make it a month-long celebration. So here's what I'm thinking... I want to leave the actual item up to you, however I have a few 'stipulations'.

  1. It should be useless.
  2. It can't mention Mother's Day (that would pretty much narrow her culprits down to me and Kev).
  3. Mentioning the 27th is not necessary.
  4. Mentioning the wrong age would be great. Older is better. She'll be 51 (real age) this year.
  5. Have fun with it, and keep it cheap. Don't go spending money on anything but a stamp.
Send Mom something birthday-related. Send a card for a 3-year old. Send a card that you got last year from a friend. Send a Polaroid of a birthday gift. Send a piece of wrapping paper. Send a party favor. Send an envelope full of confetti with no explanation. Send used candles. Send a card with Monopoly money. Send her an invitation to a birthday party you are having 'for her' - but only if you live real far away. Have fun, be creative.

A small note or attached letter would be great but not necessary. Demanding (but not rude) notes as to why you didn't get a gift from her would be funny. Or a note saying something like: I never got your gift, so here's yours. Remember to keep it clean but speak to her as if you've known her for years. That increases the confusion factor.

My brother and I will both be in town at the end of the month for Mom's birthday. I'm going to encourage her to get all of her 'pieces' of birthday material and set them out, and see what we can celebrate with. I'll also bring the digital camera along and I'll get a bunch of shots. It'll be hilarious - I hope.

Lastly, remember, if you can't get anything, or don't want to, a postcard is always welcome. You can put Happy Birthday on it, or whatever. Plus, it's only 23 cents instead of the overpriced stamp cost of thirty-seven cents.

As always, thanks for reading, and I hope you have the chance to send Mom something before the 27th. I'll post pictures online next month.

Yours Truly,
Will the Troublemaker


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