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The Postcard Project - March 2004

Well it's that time of year again when 'ole Will comes to bother you. I'm not wanting anything crazy, just an old recipe with perhaps a missing ingredient or two - but more about that in a minute.

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Mom Update
I honestly think that Mom is still confused about all the things that keep showing up in her mailbox. At times I wonder if she knows its me, and then I hear from a relative that they have been thoroughly questioned about it. I think Mom is probing. (But not 'probing' like the aliens did to me that night in Arizona...)

When the project started, I would talk to Mom about the items quite often. She'd mention that she got this and that, and I'd laugh it off, pointing all blame to my traveling Air Force brother. That was then.

Now I still blame my brother, but Mom doesn't talk about it much. That puts me in a difficult position. I can't just outright ask her about all the mail, because she'll know its on my mind. I have to wait for her to mention it, or something else mail-related. Then I go for the gusto.

On Saturday Mom mentioned that she started two new albums. Apparently someone sent her a note telling her to start 'scrapbooking' all of the stuff, and she took them up on it. She said she has a postcard album and a business card album. She also still has a drawer full of miscellaneous personal notes and sundry items that have showed up at her door. The albums are a cool idea, but they make it harder for me to steal stuff.

One of Mom's sisters works for the US Post Office. The past three weeks, she told me, is what the PO calls 'sweeps week'. The mail carriers are somehow judged on how much mail is delivered, and I'm sure Mom's carrier received top billing. Mom's sister made the mistake of telling Mom about the 'sweeps' event, and when Mom mentioned it to me, I took full advantage of pointing out the fact that her sister may have something to do with all of the mail...

Oh, and lastly, my brother was in Florida last week, and this week he's in Biloxi/Gulfport MS. Anyone from that area may want to mention the Air Force, Keesler AFB, or other attractions when mailing Mom this month. He'll be in Wisconsin next week, so if you are in WI, you may want to hold off until around the 10th to send Mom something. And of course, mention cheese, beer, or just Wisconsin in general. :)

Site Updates You May or May Not Care About
A few exciting things have happened on the site. If you are not a regular reader of the blog, I encourage you to take a few minutes to catch up on the day-to-day posts about what's going on.

I added a page to the original website called 'Yo Momma'. Read it.

Last month we almost hit 90,000 hits thanks to a few select websites who posted our link. We also made the Top 100 on Popdex a few times in February. I'm still waiting for David Letterman to discover the site.

I was contacted by someone at the St. Petersburg Times in Florida who wants to do a story on the project. I'll let you know more when I know myself!

If you have an update, or want to send me your scanned recipe before you mail it, send it to will@postcardsformom.com

In a non-Postcard-Project related note, I have a few pictures of my brother (I like screwing with him, if you didn't notice). You can see them, along with a little family history at kevin.willsthrills.com. Enjoy.

The March Item
This has really been fun so far. Last month we ran a poll from February 1st through the 16th to let you 'the people' decide what the March item would be. You overwhelmingly chose to send Mom recipes.

I'd prefer that the recipes were on 3x5 cards. Reason being, we have already had someone tell us that they were sending Mom a recipe box to keep all of these recipes in.

Ah, but there's a twist.

Upon chatting with my gorgeous wife and my not-so-gorgeous brother, we've decided that recipes were too useful. Too useful, that is, with all the ingredients. So, we propose a slightly different recipe. One with a 'mystery ingredient', or one with a missing ingredient.

Yep. Mom was (and still is) a horrible cook. No matter what you send her (even no-bake cookies), she'll burn it. So the recipe you send is ruined from the get-go. Why not ruin it in advance?

List your ingredients, but change one (like the flour, yeast, or some other important ingredient) to 'mystery ingredient'. Such as:

1 c. Flour
2 c. Sugar
2 TBsp. mystery ingredient
1 pinch of salt

A person in Germany wrote her recipe out last week, completely in German. That'll work too. As long as Mom doesn't try to cook, we're ok.

Final comments
If you want to see your silly item in the gallery, scan it and send it to me at will@postcardsformom.com. This makes it easier for me since I don't have to steal it, scan it, and then sneak it back into Mom's house.

Try to mention the Air Force or use the word "Duff" in your correspondence with Mom. Remember the rules!

Our April item will be a blast. We'll tell everyone in a few weeks what we're up to.

Until then, thanks for playing along. Someday I'll get busted, but until then, keep sending Mom stuff.

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