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The Postcard Project - June 2004 Special Issue

There are those of you who don't visit the site daily, weekly, or even monthly. Boy, are you in for a surprise...

Mom Update
Where to begin? I'll try to lay it out the best I can.

The week before Mother's Day, I helped a lady here in town get rid of the Sasser Worm over the phone. I mentioned the project to her, and come to find out she is/was a very important and well-known person locally - a reporter for the Saint Louis Post Dispatch for over 30 years. She thought the project was cool, and she made a few phone calls to the Post. Five hours later, I was sitting down with a reporter. He wanted to do a story, and we figured out a way to get him to interview Mom without her knowing.

Well, at least so we thought...

By Friday before Mother's Day, he was finishing up the story, and I asked him if he knew which section it'd be in, so I could look for it. His answer? The front page.

Saturday before the early edition came out, we went out with Mom for a Mother's Day lunch. She mentioned at lunch that she thought it was my Aunt. Bonus. Little did she know that within an hour, millions of people in the STL area would know the secret.

Sunday, Mother's Day, I got the call. "William, you are in BIG trouble" Mom said. "Why, Mom?" I asked. "Umm, because IT'S ON THE FRONT PAGE, WILL" she replied, loudly. "Oh, that." was all I could say.

So Mom knows.

Over the last month, Mom and I have been on over 50 radio stations, featured on at least one TV segment, and the story has appeared in newspapers as far away as Australia. Mom has really enjoyed all of the attention, and is actually somewhat sad that its over.

Over, for her, at least.

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Site Updates You May or May Not Care About
If you are (and I'll bet you are) wanting to still send stuff, don't fret. The prank is still on, this time bigger and better.

In May we held an auction for charity and our winner is wanting to prank her Mom, Betty Anne. So let's do it, eh?

I've updated the site to reflect the new information. It's pretty much been totally redone. Take a look. For those who wanted to see the original site, you still can at http://www.postcardsformom.com/orig

A Little Bit About Our 'New Mom' (and Her Address!)
Our new prankster, Wendy (don't mention her name in mailings!) has been very gracious in supplying us with plenty of ammo to get the project off and running. You can view her post at (

Betty sounds like a GREAT MOM and we need to make this prank a ton of fun.

Ready to send? Here's the part you've all been waiting for. Write it down, keep it in your wallet/purse, and write often. Afterall, you've known Betty for years!

(omitted - you need to request her address through the site)

The June Item
Well, June is in full swing, and we're a little behind, but lets get right to it.

Since we have a new Mom, why not start her off with a suggestion we received during the original prank - keys! Everyone has an old key that they don't need, yet can't throw away. Now you can do something useful with it. Send it to Betty.

I've heard that Betty really needs keys. Really. She doesn't know it, but she does. This will be an easy one.

You may want to put a brief note with your key. Tell her she left if at the hotel last week in Cancun. Ask her if this is hers from the 'party'. Tell her that if she wants to drop by the house, now she has her own key.

As always, make it fun. And don't spoil the joke. Don't forget to get a key in the mail to her this week. Keep this in your InBox until you've done your part! (My Mom will be playing along, too!)

Lastly, I'd like to tell you about another site, a little bit more serious, but along the same lines that I've created. When you have a few minutes, check out PostcardsForKids.com. You'll be glad you did.

Don't forget to read all of our updates at the site's blog - http://www.postcardsformom.com/blog - and take care.

PostcardsForMom.com Chief Troublemaker


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