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The Postcard Project - July 2004
The Internet's Greatest Prank

Oh boy, do we have a live one here! Our Mom, Betty, is having a blast with all of this mail - and Betty is doing something that my Mom never did!

Mom Update
Our new Mom Betty, as you met in last month's newsletter, is having a great time with her unsolicited mail. She received the post office box key in the mail and after some initial apprehension, is now checking the mail on a regular basis.

But Betty, unlike my Mom, is doing something about it. She's writing back.

Last month Betty wrote back to several people who had written to her. She plays along with the letters, writing as if she knew these people just the same. The letters are very funny and make for an even better prank. So, if you want to write to Betty, include your return address on the envelope and you may just get a letter in return.

Or, as an idea I presented last month, put a friends return address. Then when Betty writes back, she's writing to the 'wrong' person, and now two people have no idea what is going on. It's the prank that keeps on pranking!

Want more ammunition or ideas on what to write to Betty about? Check out the Postcard Project Blog to see what Betty's daughters Wendy and Amy are saying!

Sponsor, of sorts
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Site Updates Your May or May Not Care About
As usual, the blog is alive with activity and gives people like you the opportunity to chime in with comments!

We were featured in several newspapers last month, including the St. Louis Post Dispatch and the Washington Times. I've created a Featured Page where you can read past articles and listen to radio broadcasts that we've been on.

I'm working on another press release and expect to get it out this week. If any readers have an 'in' at local media outlets, help us grow the prank and mention it to them!

I have literally done NO ADVERTISING since May, and our newsletter readership is now well over 700 and growing, all thanks to word of mouth and media! Make sure you tell your friends about the prank.

The July Item
Betty's daughter, Wendy tells me that Betty likes buttons. She may think she has quite a collection of buttons right now, but just wait 'til a few thousand people find out that she needs more.

That's right, folks, its button time. Rip one off your husbands shirt. (If he's like me, he doesn't wear it anyway). Take a button off that dress that 'shrunk' since last year. Get some fancy buttons from a thrift store. Buttons are easy to find.

Or, send an election button. Or a Monkee button. You know, flare.

About Your Mother
For those of you who are eager to get your Mom in on the joke, be prepared to write. I'll be announcing a contest sometime in August giving you a chance to prank your Mom. So stay tuned and don't mention this website to your Mom! (Please, though, mention it to everyone else!)
Lastly, I'd like to thank all of you who have signed up and sent Jaslynn something. If you don't know who Jaslynn is, check out PostcardsForKids.com and get on the bandwagon!

Take care,
Will (will@postcardsformom.com)
PostcardsForMom Prankster in Charge


When I'm not pranking someone's Mom, I'm running a professional web design and hosting business.  Need a website?  Need Quality hosting?



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