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The Postcard Project - February 2004

Hi everyone, hope you had a good time at your Superbowl extravaganzas yesterday. Now that the fun is over, it's down to business.

If you haven't prepared this month's mailing, get to it! More details below.

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Mom Update
We've had quite a bit of crappy weather here in Missouri. Last week we got 1/2 to 1" of ice, followed by a few snow showers. It's not fun. So mom missed a good deal of work in January. That gives her first opportunity to check the mail around noon.

I also mentioned last month that Mom had gone to Houston. It saddens me to announce that Grandma passed away shortly after last months newsletter. She will be missed terribly. Mom said she got a 'condolance' card from someone in Arizona. Whoever that was, thanks. She was touched to know that someone she didn't know was thinking about her.

In case you didn't know, my boring brother and I now contribute regularly to the Latest News section of the website. If you wonder what Mom is saying and are curious about her reactions, you can read about them there. You can also read about the accusatory phone calls and how I proclaim innocence. Enjoy.

One thing I would like to let you know is that when I was at Mom's house two weeks ago, she had a collection of around 40 postcards in a basket. Since then, she told me that she is receiving so much stuff that she had to move everything into a drawer. She keeps stuff like this. She'll keep it and look through it often, I promise. I've swiped a few things and posted them in the Gallery.

The February Item
Thanks again to everyone who continues to make this a success. My brother and I are having fun with this, and Mom is still baffled. Ok, so the latest word is that it's my fault, but that's ok. I'll continue to blame my brother. And he'll blame me.

February is business card month. Find some business cards and stick them in an envelope to Mom. You can write a message on the back of them if you'd like, just remember not to mention me or my brother. Notes should sound like you really know my Mom and are friends. If you have any US Air Force business cards, don't forget, you get BONUS POINTS!

Lastly (It's hard to be long-winded in an email but I'm pushing it, I know), I'll be putting up a poll for all of my secret helpers around the country to decide the March item. I'll put it up later on today, so make sure to visit the website and vote for next month's item.


'Til next month

Chief Troublemaker and Almighty Blamer of Brother


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