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The Postcard Project - April 2004

Hello everyone, it's your (old) pal Will the Prankster. I'm back for another monthly reminder for you. You're going to love this month's item.

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Mom Update
Before I mention Mom, let me mention that my brother and I take an active role in updating the website often. We have a small group of daily/weekly readers who make suggestions and give us ideas. After a few weeks of discussions, we decided to let Mom's husband (Jim) in on the gig. He loved it, and he's now become our 'inside guy'. He updates me when he can and lets us know all the funny things that are going on at the house. Here's an email that I just got from him today. (Renee is my Aunt)

She finally got one pertaining to LyLa's hidden picture. Now she's convinced that it is Rene, no wait its Will and Rene, no its Kevin and Rene, no its.......you get the idea. She has even given me the "LOOK", She's just not sure who it is but that it's a member of the family. She got one from Martha Stewart about decorating tree stumps, which Led her to Kevin.

If you really want to blow her mind send one about her buying baby cloths for my niece, Nicki's, best friend named Beth who is pregnant. This would throw her off her own family for a while. Oh well, just a thought.

Pretty funny. Mom is still bewildered, and that's the plan. Oh, and if you don't understand what he's talking about, come take part in the discussion going on at the site (www.postcardsformom.com/blog)

Site Updates You May or May Not Care About
The traffic this month has actually slowed tremendously. I have been really busy and unable to promote the site much. Since the project inception on January 2 of this year, we have had well over a quarter-million hits. That's pretty exciting.

I received an email from someone at AP (Associated Press) about doing an article on the site/project, but I never heard back from her. I hope it wasn't an opportunity missed.

TO be honest (and selfish), out of all this, the biggest thing I'd want to do is be on Letterman. He's a 'Moms Boy' and I think we'd hit it off good. If you have any contacts, tell him about the Postcard Project!!

The April Item
Now for the fun. My brother and I have been plotting this one for a while. Here's what we need you to do: Steal a newspaper from the neighbor's lawn, preferably the Sunday edition with the color comics. It would be advisable to do this in the early morning hours to minimize your chances of getting caught.

Now, open the paper to the Funnies, as we call them here in Missourah. Find a good one, with a funny punchline. Cut it out.

Now, take that comic strip, and cut off the last frame. You know, the one that makes it all funny. The one that completes the strip. Without this frame, the strip doesn't make sense. Perfect.

Take the remaining comic strip, and put it in the mail to Mom. Hold onto the last frame, as we may use it in the future. If you don't want to hold onto it, just toss it. We may have you send a different ending frame later anyway. That way when Mom goes to put it together, it still won't make sense.

She's gonna kill me.

So there you have it. Send Mom a comic strip with the punchline missing. If you want to add a comment, ask her how the recipe you sent her went (even if you didn't send one). Remind her about the good 'ole days when you guys used to... (fill in the blank) and tell her you miss her.

Most of all, have fun with it.

'til next month, happy mailing!



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