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The Item

To make this project a success, make sure you read the sending rules.  They are very important.  If our latest Mom finds out about the project, or the website, the project is over.  There will no longer be any fun in it.  And you'll be the idiot that ruined it for all of us.  Ok, enough preaching.

Each month we will request a different item.  They will always be easy to find and easy to mail.  We're already asking for your time and money, so we'll do my part to keep it easy.

Here's a table of past, current, and upcoming items.  If you cannot find the item for this month, remember you can always send a postcard.  It's the old standby in times of trouble.

Anytime Postcard
November, 2005 Keys!
December 2005 Family Pictures
January, 2006 New Years Resolutions


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