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You're Ignorant

This page is dedicated to all of the people who send us hate mail.

Why are you being so ignorant to someone's Mom?
Is this some kind of cruel joke?
What is your motive behind this?
Are you trying to drive your her crazy?

Are you the person I'm describing?  Send mail to me.  I just can't wait to get it.

You moron.
From Rhea:  your a dog .. when she finds out who started this she WILL make you
From dj catatonic:  so its supposed to be a huge prank, but the site really resembles a postcard for mom's site?  what the hell, at least make the site funny. sending bottlecaps to mom is lame. should send her something else, like maglites and lube.


When I'm not pranking someone's Mom, I'm running a professional web design and hosting business.  Need a website?  Need Quality hosting?



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