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Probably the most fun part of this project has been the people I've met (mostly online) and all the great comments I've received from all over the world.  I've tried my best to compile a list of places I've "been".  Some of the links may be dead, and if so, I'm sorry.

Steve and DC Radio Network May 2003 - listen
KTVI Fox News - Saint Louis, MO
Booker and Diane Show - Hot 96, Evansville Indiana
Cammy and Dean - KFRC, San Francisco, California - listen
Saint Louis Post Dispatch - Mother's Day May 9, 2004
Saint Louis Post Dispatch - May 11, 2004

Hundreds of blogs around the world... including STLBloggers.com and J-Walk
WIOG, Saginaw, Michigan - listen
Saint Louis Post Dispatch - June 21, 2004
KFRU - Columbia, MO
Sydney Morning Herald, Sydney Australia
Washington Times - June 21, 2004

KZZO 100.5 The Zone - Sacramento, CA - March 3, 2005 - part one part two

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