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How to Support the Postcard Project

So you've got all this extra cash, and you're just not sure who to give it to.  Well, let me tell you, I know just the person - ME!

Since the Postcard Project's inception in November of 2003, I've personally covered all operating costs for the site.  As with anything, there comes a time when certain 'hobbies' can't be continued without asking for a little help.  Especially growing hobbies like this one!

I appreciate each and every person who participates in the Postcard Project.  I realize that you all are spending your own money on stamps, envelopes, postcards, and other crazy items that we request.  However, if you have some extra money, and want to help me support this site, who am I to refuse?!

So here's the button.  Do with it as you choose.

Oh, and million is a 1 with six zeros.  Thanks.

- Will




When I'm not pranking someone's Mom, I'm running a professional web design and hosting business.  Need a website?  Need Quality hosting?



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