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The best way to hear about the current Mom's reactions, comments, and the overall success and/or failures in this project is right here. Feel free to comment, as that's what makes the Postcard Project even more fun!

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Postcard Project Update - Wednesday, March 01, 2006

Postcard Prank Over for our Missouri Mom

Hi everybody! (Is there anyone still here?) The jig is up for our February flurry of postcards. I hope to have Mom stopping by here within the next couple of days to post a letter to all of you die hard pranksters. I appreciate the time and effort that you put in to send something to my Mom. Sadly, she only received 20 items total. (I've sent all but the last two to Will for the gallery).

I don't know what Will's plans will be for the future of the prank. Hopefully we will all know soon.
Thanks again,

Postcard Project Update - Sunday, February 26, 2006

Hi guys, I just sent the latest items to Will for the Mary Ann Gallery. I sure hope he gets to them soon.

Here's the note from "Gilligan". I'll do a total count of everything that has been received in this mini-mom prank month long prank and let everyone know how much mail Mom has received. I know that she has 2 days left . . . Anyway, I'll let you all know and then the rest will be up to Will. For those of you that nominated someone, I still have all of those, so if the prank continues, I'll post your nominations.

As far as Mary Ann, I think I'll send her a postcard tomorrow (confessing that it was me) so that she will recieve it on Tuesday, the last day of February. Even though she was so freaked out at first, I know that she really ended up enjoying it and I'm betting that she will miss it when it's gone, because she already whines a little when she doesn't get any wacky mail now. Thanks for playing along,


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