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Postcard Project Update - Thursday, February 16, 2006

Hi Guys, sorry I haven't posted, but there hasn't been any news to report, no mail at all - zero. Now Mom is wondering aloud, "why did it stop? I guess they are done scaring me, whoever they are". So, I guess now we are waiting for the gallery updates to let you share in what has been received so far.

Check this out - thanks Julie!

In other news, is up for renewal and I'm not going to renew it. So if your site is linking to that instead of, you need to change it.


Postcard Project Update - Tuesday, February 14, 2006

Happy Valentine's Day!
Mom got a few cards today, one from Bella with a Spanish Valentine greeting. A postcard talking about getting the old crowd together for lunch and karaoke, a Valentine greeting from Mandy and Keith "just wanted you to know we're thinking about you" and a Happy Birthday card from Wendy and Stuart saying that they hope they got the date right this time. Funny!

She is actually starting to take it better now. The house is actually settling down and dropping a little of the paranoia. Hopefully she will keep on enjoying it for the next two weeks.

Thanks for sending things,

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