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The best way to hear about the current Mom's reactions, comments, and the overall success and/or failures in this project is right here. Feel free to comment, as that's what makes the Postcard Project even more fun!

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Postcard Project Update - Saturday, January 28, 2006

Hello Postcard Pranksters,
While we are waiting for Judy to stop by and let us know what she thinks of all of us , (please be nice Judy) let's all start thinking of and nominating new candidates. Any ideas of someone who might enjoy all of this (unsolicited) attention?

I will post the entries and hopefully we will have a new prankee to confuse very soon. Be sure to tell me how you will be able to keep us updated and how you will provide gallery updates. Will you be willing to have the big reveal done in pretty fabulous way - - - on a syndicated morning radio show? How fun will that be? Sounds very fun. So go ahead - SEND ME AN EMAIL and tell me about your idea for our next prankee.

Oh, and Judy, don't be shy, feel free to leave us a note under the "Comments" tab . . .

Postcard Project Update - Wednesday, January 25, 2006

Breaking News....

She Knows!! Judy just called me and asked: "do you know anything about a website called w-w-w-dot-postcardsformom-dot-com.

I said: no, why would i?

She: I think you kids might know something about it...

At that point I just started laughing and begging her to tell me how she found out. She said there was no way she was telling any of us bratty kids anything. I have to say, it sounded as if she had never been to the website, but i have no doubt she'll be stopping by soon... I hope Judy graces us with a lovely comment to reward everyone's hard work!!

While I am not amused by the tarnishing of my reputation that has been going on, I decided not to punish the people who put in all the hard work on the postcard prank.

So I just reached Judy. She was out at a bar with her friend Karen. We had a talk about various topics, I didn't say or do anything to provoke the postcard conversation. I thought we were about done and I was about to get off the phone, when suddenly the postcard topic came up.

I can tell that she really doesn't want to talk to me about it, and yet it's as if she cannot help herself. She starts: "oh I forgot to tell you..." then trails off. She then starts again: "are you sure you're not behind this letter thing?" I say: "what? are you talking about postcards again?" Her: "yes. but its not postcards so much, just letters now and for the last week or so they have all been from various people confessing to the prank." me: "oh yeah?" her: "yeah, and let me tell you about this one I got today..." She then starts reading to me from a postcard that she pulled out of her purse in the middle of a very loud bar. It's from Lynn and it was awesome. It's addressed to Celeste (crossed out), Betty Ann (crossed out), etc. , etc. to all the moms. Lynn confesses to it, and then passes blame along to a whole laundry list of likely suspects... Sandy, Patrick, ET, Corinna and her college pals, me or my sister Cecelia, my dad Corrin... She also points out good reasons why it couldn't have been any of those people. My favorite: oh no, couldn't be ET, he's too much the typical teenage boy to do what he says he will....

I cannot believe how perplexed and mystified Judy is by the whole thing still. And while, yes, I felt that a nationwide radio show was not the appropriate venue for the confession of this elaborate scheme, it doesn't mean that I was any less committed. You can ask my brothers and sisters what a "Nazi" I've been, hassling then for news and photos for the site. I assure you all that my only mistake was expecting others to do what they had promised, and expecting a teenage male to think of anything outside of cars and girls. (I thought a digital camera could buy that loyalty, but apparently not). I'm not really looking for any further conversation on this topic, but I just wanted to let everyone know the latest news...

Postcard Project Update - Tuesday, January 24, 2006

Hello Fellow Pranksters,
Hope you are all having a great start to 2006! Do you have a stock of plenty of postcards? I do, even with all that I've been sending to confuse Judy! I sure can't wait to hear how Judy reacts to all of the confessions. I blamed Marlys and Bertrand in my latest post card.

While we are waiting to hear how Judy's turn wraps up, let's start working on our next 'victim'. Do you have any likely candidates in mind? If so, SEND ME AN EMAIL to
I will post the entries and we will have a new victim to pick very soon. Hopefully in time for Valentine's Day. Won't that be sweet?

Be sure to tell me how you will be able to keep us updated and how you will provide gallery updates (no lies or fables please). You must also be willing to have the big reveal done in pretty fabulous way - - - on a syndicated morning radio show! How fun will that be? Pretty great I think. So go ahead - SEND ME AN EMAIL and tell me about your idea for our next prankee.

Postcard Project Update - Sunday, January 22, 2006

Hi Everyone,

Thank you for your help in preparing for the reveal. Everyone who has sent postcards so far "confessing", they all sound hysterical. I have been in touch with Celia, Corinna and E.T. I have instructed them to purchase, fill out and photograph their postcards and wait for my word to send them. Celia is going to write one from the cat, and I will write one from the dog, which we will send a few days in advance of our actual confession. I think I will send my boyfriend's confession around the same time and then finally send mine and have my siblings send theirs. I am thinking of sending these next week, so if you still have a confession to send, get it out quick before the real confessions start coming in...

Each of us are writing our own seperate confessions and won't know what the others say beforehand. I cannot wait for Judy to get the one about Sandy being behind it... that was a stroke of genius!!

So, it's true, no public humiliation for Judy on the radio, but we certainly won't "fizzle out" . I will keep you all up to date on her reactions to all the confessions and will encourage Judy to visit the website in my postcard to her. I can't wait to see what she says about all of this!

So are you going to start picking a new victim soon? Is Jenny still in charge? February is sneaking up on us!!

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