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Postcard Project Update - Monday, January 16, 2006

"something" will definitely happen because i'm just not going to let it fade and take full responsibility. 4 people set Judy up, and 4 will admit to it. I am amused by the idea that starting this week (last 15 days of the month), everyone should mail a postcard saying: "i heard you were upset about this, that was never my intention. I want to confess now that I was behind all the letters and postcards... " or something along those lines and then sign your name, or don't sign, whatever you want. And then mixed in with all the false confessions, all 4 kids would write one and send them in. Maybe even "dad" would want to send one.

Plus, rather than depend on ET for a final gallery update, I and my sisters would photograph and send in our own letters.

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