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Postcard Project Update - Monday, December 12, 2005

It has been hard for me to get information about the postcards from Judy because she is being surprisingly tight-lipped. I don't want to make her suspicious by asking about them all the time, so I have to be increasingly sneaky.
During my Friday conversation, my strategizing paid off and I was rewarded with a lengthy and interesting update. As usual, I took detailed notes for your enjoyment.

Judy started out by telling me that she thinks Corinna is behind it. She said that her boss Sandy has been trying to convince her that it must be me. Sandy's reasons are that the prank is crafty and meticulous and that the prankster obviously knows Judy frontwards and back and therefore must be "her spawn". Personally, I think Sandy needs to mind her own damn business and I fear that she is the weakest link when it comes to keeping Judy in the dark.

Judy's reasons for thinking that Corinna is behind it are:
-Corinna is a college student and that would help to explain the various places the postcards are coming from. judy points out that corinna's friends and dormmates could each be writing a stack of letters and then sending them to their friends or parents in their hometown to send.

-The postcards seemed to slow down over Thanksgiving, which Judy equates to the fact that Corinna's college friends were on break.

-One postcard contained a :"PS-Congratulate ET for me for making the honor roll". I quickly pointed out that I couldn't be behind it because I did not know that ET made the honor roll.

Judy reports that she has received over 100 postcards at this point. I asked about the keys, Judy said that those have tapered off. On Friday she received 2 postcards, ET was able to photograph them and I've sent the photos in to Will. One was from St. Louis and it was a postcard with a picture of a mail carrier that says "It's a miracle I actually wrote". The writer talks to Judy about all the pre-holiday sales and makes a cryptic reference to "UFOs". The other was a letter with a picture of a small boy sitting in a pile of leaves. It was from Dana and made a reference to Conseus Lake... good job on the Livingston County references... you're really keeping her guessing!!!

I asked if she had any suspects beyond my sister Corinna. She said me. I asked if it could possibly be any of her friends and we explored a few options. She reports that her best friend Elaine (who lives in Albany, NY) has been really supportive and is totally freaked out by the whole thing. In fact, earlier on in the prank, Elaine suggested Judy call the FBI or perhaps the Postmaster General. Judy said that her friend Liz was a little more likely and occasionally something will come through that makes her suspicious that it could be her. Liz always calls Judy by her middle name Marilee. She also could have known that ET made the honor roll because she is also in touch with my Aunt Susan. Liz is very into horses, so perhaps a horse card or riding reference would help throw the suspicion towards her. My Aunt Susan (Corrin's sister) gives horseback riding lessons, so maybe if anyone is going to be "visiting" Judy they could ask to get hooked up with a trail ride.

Judy also told me about the 3 Christmas ornaments she has received so far. They were: A hammered copper disc with kokopelli on it, a quilted fabric star and a silver snowflake.

As I mentioned, I got Judy to gang up with me on ET to get him to send pics. She said that he doesn't have many to photograph because she keeps the postcards at work in a special postcard bag. I encouraged her to bring it home so ET could catalouge and send them. She said that she made xerox copies to send to me, but that she never got around to doing that.

I don't know if I mentioned this, but my mother went to law school. I was born the day before she graduated and therefore she had a newborn and never passed the bar. It would probably trip Judy out if anyone asked for her legal advice. I'm trying to think of more personal things to mention so that her enjoyment and suspicions will continue to evolve.

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