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Postcard Project Update - Friday, November 25, 2005

Thanksgiving Day With Jerry

We had 24 people at my parent's home for Thanksgiving celebrating the things we are thankful for in our lives. Most everyone mentioned my father being with us. Talk about THANKFUL! But, that wasn't the only thing on the table for discussion...

People wanted to know about the postcards which stopped as quickly as they started. And yes, laughter followed from the conversation regarding the planned vacation to California, to the missed dental appointment, to the keys... the crazy crazy stories that went with the keys.

Dad also talked about missing the birthday party for the twins in Salt Lake. He wants you all to know that he REALLY enjoyed the entire process and hopes that Judy is able to enjoyed it as well.

Thanks again,

Postcard Project Update - Wednesday, November 23, 2005

Happy Thanksgiving to my American Pranksters

The rest of you, send something to Judy, eh?

Postcard Project Update - Monday, November 21, 2005

Had A Nice Call With Judy...

We talked of possible vacation locations and about my plans for my upcoming trip. When the topic of postcards finally came up, she had a lot to report after a week-long silence. The first thing she mentioned was that her pranksters were getting more specific in their knowledge of her life. At first she thought the references to "Patrick" were a little eerie, but now that Lynn put her return address down as "Marilee", Judy just doesn't know what to make of it. She reported that 6 pieces of mail came today, a card from John Travolta written to his #1 fan, commenting on how nice it was that she and Patrick liked to sit around and watch his old movies. Then there was a Star Trek postcard with Leonard Nimoy (Mr. Spock) on it, a postcard from Lodi, CA, and a gallery opening postcard which Judy says she receives "all the time". There was a note on Christmas stationary with stickers all over it and a starbucks postcard with a message about reconnecting with old friend (nice touch!).

I asked if there was any sort of pattern to where she was receiving the notes from and she said that many of them have come from Northern California (is she still confusing wherever C.J. lives as Northern?), Phoenix and Missouri. I said that she mentioned Missouri to me several times before and asked if she was SURE we don't know anyone who lives there. I suggested that she get a U.S. map and stick pins in all the cities where the cards and letters originate... then she could take a look at the pattern... maybe it spells something... She says she thought of that, but most of the items are grouped from a few cities and not spread throughout the country.

Judy also reports that she thinks the person behind it might be trying to make her think it's a certain ex-girlfriend of my dad, who shall remain nameless, but lets just say she lives in Maryland and her last name begins with a B. She says the reason she thinks someone is trying to throw the suspiscion on Ms. B is because of the 2 letters she has received from Bethesda, MD, one which had the BNL lyrics and the other which was pages and pages printed from google about what to do with a bunch of spare keys and a postcard from a restaurant that begins with the letter "B" and with all the other letters blacked out. I must say, the suggestion about the windchimes is a really good one and something that I think Judy would be likely to do.

I told her that Cecelia had mentioned a "gift" and asked for more detail on that. Judy told me that she's received 2 gifts so far... one was a small round wooden pillbox type thing called a dreambox. It has her favorite character Kokopelli on the top and you're supposed to write down your wish and put the paper in the box so that it comes true. No word on whether or not she has tried it yet. The other gift was a leather pouch, like someone would put stones inside of and wear around their neck.

She also reported that she's received several suggestions from friends on what to do next, which is great because that means her friends are getting on board and everyone seems to be having fun making guesses. Apparently Sandy (maybe her boss?) has been googling some of the addresses and has let Judy know that some are real and some are not. Sandy then recommended that Judy write back to the real addresses, playing into the "long lost friend" aspect and saying how happy she was that the writer had found her and gotten back in touch!. I said this sounded like a great idea and she definitely should!

Another more paranoid suggestion was to write "return to sender" on the cards, but as Judy pointed out most of the cards didn't have return addresses. Judy then came up with the additional solution of writing deceased on the items. She realizes that this could mean she would never get her real mail again, but she liked the idea that whoever was behind this prank would think that they had finally pushed her over the edge and she had killed herself. (no one ever said judy didn't have a flair for the dramatic. )

On the photos front, apparently wanting to have my brother and sisters participate as promised has turned me into the postcard "gestapo". Hopefully my week out of town will give them a chance to take a deep breathe and learn to love the prank once again. In anycase, pictures are still promised ASAP. (I spared you all the saga of how the first camera I ordered arrived broken, but luckily the company sent an immediate replacement).

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