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Postcard Project Update - Wednesday, November 09, 2005

Heads up, CJ!!

Hey all,

I finally learned how to change the color and font of my posts. I just had a brief IM conversation with Ms. Judy. She informed me that a letter came from "C.J." from Northern California. Although Judy is sure that someone stole the address label, she's going to try and call her anyway...

Judy asked again if I know who is behind it. I told her I would like to try and guess but that I'd like to see the letters so i could check out the handwriting, etc. I asked if she could scan them and she said she would mail me copies instead.

E.T.'s NEW digital camera is arriving tomorrow, so I told her to let him take a pic of them and e-mail as they will get here faster. I had to lie (even more) and tell Judy that I'm sending E.T. the camera as an early christmas present so that he can e-mail me a picture of him with his new (first) girlfriend. I added that it would be good so that he could also send me pictures of the upcoming holidays that I will miss.... she totally bought it.

The talk of the police and any reference to anthrax on the keys seem to have gone away and now she's just out to find out who is behind it all. ET reports that she plans to kill whoever is doing this to her and that she mostly thinks it is one of her friends.

I loved Dana's idea of trying to focus the blame on Uncle Jim. He is, as you all would say, a hoot. Totally eccentric and bizarre. Somethings about him: he collects muscle cars and other classic cars. He likes to travel, lives in Philadelphia and goes once a year to France. He has 2 kids: Jimmy and Alex. He is my dad's brother, so Judy's ex brother in law but they are still friends. Uncle J. is totally sketchy, will show up on your doorstep with no notice. He also holds absurd grudges for years on end and really doesn't trust a soul. I don't know if we should mention him outright, but maybe a well placed reference to the city of brotherly love, paris or a postcard with a classic car on it would point the suspicion towards him.

I do know that, if nothing else, at least this little prank is giving Judy a reason to talk to her kids several times a week, which I know she enjoys.

Postcard Project Update - Monday, November 07, 2005

Admin note: I'm going to try to upgrade the Gallery tomorrow to a new version. This is anticipation of the plethora of new pics we'll be getting from our insider, ET.

If you have a picture or scan of the stuff you're sending, just email it to me or Jen and we'll get it up on the (new) gallery soon!

Hi All,

I just received another update from Judy... I seem to have become her go-to person on this subject, which is good as I'm getting lots of info to pass on. I picked up the phone and told her I was at work, and she let me know that it would only take a second to report the latest mail. Today she received: a card from Dana in Indiana (mentioning letchworth), computer paper with keys all over it from Texas with a note about the remodel on Corinna's room and the Barenaked Ladies lyrics (presumably from Will...).

The fact that she was calling around noon on a Monday leads me to believe that she was curious enough to go check the mail on her lunch break. I think she's starting to get into the swing of things and doesn't sound nearly as angry. Apparently, she asked a friend whose son is a police officer if she should be worried and file a report... he said that if she took some polite letters to the cops they would laugh her out of the station. so i think she's getting the point that she realizes it's nothing dangerous.

I agree with the comments about sending her something that would make her laugh, or materials for a craft project or something... I could really use the assistance of my absentee siblings on this..I know you 3 are reading this site... what could we send that she would enjoy?

Before we got off the phone, she asked me if i was sure I didn't know who was behind it. I replied: it could be so many people...

Postcard Project Update - Sunday, November 06, 2005

Judy continues to take the prank badly. Although when i have talked to her I have been able to get her to laugh about it, she continues to tell my sister that she is furious with whoever is behind it. Unfortunately she is hanging out with some friends who are quite paranoid and are encouraging her to take this in a scary rather than a fun way. We are all staying strong, not telling her what's going on, and still trying to convince her its all in good fun. I worry, though, that she will ruin everyone's fun. I never really imagined this angry reaction to something that is so nice and lighthearted. When I spoke to her on Saturday she reported the arrival of 2 more cards, one from Jen Z., a postcard from the Bacara resport and one from the Management of the Shelbyville, KY Best Western... that one is too funny! She's definitely bewildered by the letters and keys, but is having trouble seeing the amusing side of this mystery.

I also find it hilarious that she doesn't suspect me! She hasn't even asked me if i'm involved. She did call Cecelia and E.T. asking them if they were playing a joke and Corinna has a broken cell phone so she has been unable to track her down. So far the suspects include my eccentric Uncle Jim (Judy's ex brother in law), her friend Liz (who's boss is in St. Louis, so she thinks that could account for the Missouri letters), and perhaps an ex-girlfriend of my father. I'm thinking of sending her a five dollar bill in the mail along with some keys, as a way to possible offset her fear and anger.... YIKES ! I could never have seen this reaction coming and I wholeheartedly blame it on her friends.

PS- Part of the problem is that E.T. was spending the weekend at my dad's house, so he hasn't been there to help out! He promises to scan some pictures as soon as he gets back on Monday!

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