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Postcard Project Update - Thursday, September 29, 2005


It's me....


Thanks to all of you who have supported the site with your clicks, email messages, and referrals. I truly appreciate you all.

I've got a line on the next victim. I think this will be the best yet, and that's gonna be hard to do. Jerry has been a great victim, and Dana has done a wonderful job of keeping us in the loop!

My Mom (the original) spent last week on a trip to the Gulf Coast where she helped hand out thousands of dollars worth of supplies. She was definitely personally affected by what she saw. Upon her return, she had a message from the Red Cross asking her to attend training so that she could come help. She's doing that today, and I assume she'll be headed for somewhere in the South next week.

As they say, stay tuned for more...

Postcard Project Update - Tuesday, September 27, 2005

Dad's A Survivor!

You know... after all these months, you'd think we'd be relaxed and thrilled that the scan showed his shoulder to be cancer free. Yet, I think we are all sitting on pins and needles. This exercise on humanity has really helped to bring up the spirits of my father but even more so... its made the entire family laugh.

I doubt you, the wonderful gifters, can understand completely what you've done for us. You've give us something else to focus on when we were focusing on cancer. You gave us something to laugh about when I was home. You managed to cause my mother and my father hours of enjoyment laughing at the silly things they've received in the mail. The two of the favorites being the birthday party invitation and the missed dentist appointment.

Thank you! Thank you for every single piece of paper, card, postcard, bandaid, key, and pop tab you've sent along the way. I will be able to photograph more when the cat is out of the bag and promise to update the gallery as I do.

With Great Admiration!
- Dana

It sure is quiet around here nowadays. Here's a press release to help stir things up. This will 'go public' tomorrow, Sept 28th. Hopefully someone in the media will pick up on it and surprise Jerry!

Also, who's got ideas in mind for electing our next victim?

Postcard Project Update - Sunday, September 25, 2005

Let's Let Dad In On Our Secret

I can't seem to find a way to give up my little plot to entertain away. So here is my plan... I suggest everyone send Dad a postcard and say:

"It wasn't Linda! To Find Out Who... go to "

What do you think?


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