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Postcard Project Update - Wednesday, September 07, 2005

Most of you have heard this before, but here goes again. I'm a bit burned out on the postcard thing. its fun for a month or two, then it seems to fizzle out. maybe we need new management. i'll be honest with ya, i haven't put 110% into this project since my mom found out about it. i enjoyed the ride, the publicity, but its been over for about 18 months now, and i'm not really excited about it any more.

so, i guess i could use your help. yeah, you, the hardcore followers that know this is a cool project. we need new ideas. we need new brainstorms. and most important, we need new management.

no, i'm not talking about quitting, shutting down the site, or anything like that. i'm talking about a 'project manager' that would like to put a little 'team' together for the site. a brainstorming team that shares ideas, concerns, etc. This team won't be a bunch of peeps that tell me what's wrong with the site, i already know that. what we need is new energy - new spunk. maybe some new rules, maybe some documented guidelines. maybe we should mail 5 moms at once. got ideas?

think you can help? wanna be the project manager? wanna be on the team? talk to me. hurry, before i fall asleep *yawn*

oh yeah, and these are all non-paid slots. too bad you read all that just to find out i'm not shelling out a nickel :)

Bad Poster

Yes yes... I know! I have been remissed in giving you any details of what is happening with my father. Mostly, I don't know. There is so much going on that the mail is not high on the conversation piece. Plus, everyone seems very tired lately.

I will try to get some dish out of him this evening. Maybe I'll call on sister-in-law, Linda, to make a phone call and get some information out of him. Since we all know, she is guilty of the whole process. (Its nice to be the good kid. ;-) )


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