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Postcard Project Update - Friday, September 02, 2005

Some New Things In Dad's Life

1. Two new furances
2. One new roof
3. One new front door
4. One new wood floor
5. Two sets of new windows

For some reason, my parents have decided to go hog wild on their home. It could be the fact that they have lived there since 1979 and it was time.

Either way, when I talk to Dad, this is what he's talking about now. No mention of mail, no mention of keys.... just the house the house the house.

I am going to see them this week-end. Maybe I can sneak some more pictures!

P.S. Please don't forget Katrina's victims. They need our help!

Postcard Project Update - Wednesday, August 31, 2005

Katrina Hits Home, Kinda
My brother lives in Mississippi, and is in the Air National Guard. He has been sent to the coast to help with relief efforts. His home, ~175 miles inland from the coast, is without power and is expected to be out for up to a month. The devastation is just crazy.

If possible, please consider making a donation to the Red Cross or another help organization this month.

Postcard Project Update - Sunday, August 28, 2005


So band-aids are the next mail in item. Plus, we'll have to figure out how to do the big "tell all" soon. I'll let ya know more about that whole process after I talk to Will. (hint hint)

This week-end was a ton of fun. We went to my youngest cousin's wedding. Dad was quite busy taking pictures. He seemed to really enjoy himself. After the wedding, Dad brought out some of the postcards that he's been getting. We spent about an hour flipping through them. I was laughing so hard at several postcards that you, the postcard fans, sent mentioning Linda. For the record.... she was laughing and saying over and over again... "I don't know these people! I don't know these people!"

When we got done flipping through the cards, we played a card game called GOLF. It is ton of fun and Dad managed to beat us. However, his 94 year old mother gave us a run for our money. I tried to get them to play again so I could come out of nearly last place but they wouldn't go for it.

So... everyone needs to go find those funky band-aids... because I'm sure Dad will laugh over this one as well.


Gallery Update

We sat in the hotel dining room playing cards and laughing over the cards Dad brought with him. He is blaming Linda and I've had a BLAST making points about why he'd be correct in this matter. After all, can't be me... I'm the perfect child. Ask me, I'm not shy about sharing that with ya. ;^)

Enjoy the pictures. We had so much fun laughing over them.
- d

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