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Postcard Project Update - Friday, August 19, 2005

That's Not My Friend

So Dad was talking to my sister-in-law on the phone the other day. He causally mentions something about getting another postcard from her "friend" in California. Linda asked if it came from Sacramento. Dad assured her it did not come from Sacramento but rather San Francisco. To which Linda replied... "That's not my friend".

"Sure Linda," Dad answered, "Sure she isn't!"

(Is it bad that I'm loving this?)
- d

Postcard Project Update - Wednesday, August 17, 2005

For Some Reason

Ha Ha Linda! My dad is still very sure this is Linda causing the influx of mail. Or he's playing me really really well... either way it sure is fun to hear about it.

I asked Dad if he'd been getting mail and he said that he has been getting keys for some unknown reason.

"You know, Dana, all those keys everyone has just sitting around and they don't
know why. Linda had them sent to me for some reason. And the reasons
people are sending them are so creative."

Specifically, Dad mentioned that he received one key that a note was just attached... "Maybe you know what it goes to". He also said that had one envelope that just had a key from a casino in Reno. (He really liked this one!)

He also said that people are still sending "snap lids" and he's saving them up because my daughter asked him if she could have them for school this year.

He is really getting a kick out of this and I'm getting a kick out of the fact that he's blaming Linda!

Hang My Head In Shame

Yes Blue Duck! I have been remiss in my updating. I am truly sorry. My children (all four) started school this week and its been a bit of a struggle getting use to the early schedules again. So much so that I have actually gone since Saturday not talking to my father.

Many months ago, this would have been the normal pattern. I call, he gets my mom, and I talk to her. However, since Dad was diagnoised the pattern has changed. I literally have talked to my father nearly every day if only for a couple of minutes. So, having gone since Saturday is kind of a big deal right now.

This being said, I promise to call and get the scoop on what is happening with the postcards tonight and will have a detailed post assuming we can get him to talk about it.

But rest assured, he is still getting mail. On Saturday when he came up, we laughed about the fact that he and Mom can now take a detailed trip through San Francisco because its been all planned out on beautiful postcards!


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