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Postcard Project Update - Friday, August 05, 2005

The Other Brother

I guess I should tell you about Dad's other brother. I've already told you about the Mighty Threesome of Jerry, Larry, and Max. They have an older brother too. Uncle Dick is 5 years older than my father... making him 70 years old now. (WOW... can that be true? Yep, guess so!)

Uncle Dick married young and had three children. As his children hit the ages of early teens, his wife died of heart problems. I remember Aunt Jan as a frail woman that always smiled. Shortly afterwards, Uncle Dick married Aunt Gayle and they had two more children. It wasn't easy combining two families and I can only imagine how hard it would be if one of the families has a now "sainted" mother. (Which happens whenever a parent/child dies. It just does deserved or not. And I was too young to know if the title was deserved or not. But I loved her!)

If you ask my dad about the hardest times in his life... the day Aunt Jan died is top two. It runs neck and neck with when his brother died. The reason is not only losing Aunt Jan but Dad had the older kids at my house. Uncle Dick had called and told Dad the news and my father had the task of delivering the children home so that Uncle Dick could tell them about her passing.

On a much more positive note, and I'm sorry to say this Uncle Max because I love ya to pieces, but Uncle Dick was the "fun" uncle. He always has a joke to tell you, a smile to share, and his tales of the firehouse are wonderful. It never fails, if it is possible, when I'm visiting Grandma, Uncle Dick shows up.

Uncle Dick once brought Santa Clause to visit Grandma's house one Christmas. And Uncle Dick gave cool kids toys. He was often left out of the mighty threesome but there is no forgetting Dad's older brother when telling family tales.

- Dana

Postcard Project Update - Thursday, August 04, 2005

Just A Dad Story To Pass The Time:

So, did I mention to you that my father is a twin? He is. His brother died of the same cancer that my father is currently fighting. Only, Uncle Larry got his cancer when they were in their twentys. I believe he died around January 28, 1966. It is said that Uncle Larry was the outgoing twin.

My father has a younger brother too. Uncle Max is just short of one year younger than Larry and Dad. Growing up, the three boys were often dressed alike. From what I hear, Larry and Dad were put in exactly the same outfit and Uncle Max had the same outfit in a different color.

It is said that when the boys grew up and started buying their own clothes for the first time that they came home with purchases exactly the same. In particularly, each of them bought the same overcoat only in black, brown, and blue. Goes to prove, all those years we are dressing our small children... we are brainwashing them for purchases in the future.

- Dana

Postcard Project Update - Wednesday, August 03, 2005

Social Event Of The Season

The entire family is gathering this week-end at an amusement park called Holiday World. As children, this park was referred to as Santa Clause Land. We are all coming from different areas of the midwest to have our "family summer week-end" together. It will be the second annual one. Last year, we all gathered for my parents' 40th wedding anniversary.

So, don't look for many posts over the week-end... but when I come back I'll be full of tales.

- Dana

Postcard Project Update - Tuesday, August 02, 2005

Mom Joins The Fun:

I never let my mom into the game. At this point, its really me and my sister-in-law that are working the rounds. I had to tell her because she was starting to get very upset that someone was "using her name". However, now, Linda is enjoying the fun with us... "hi Linda"!

One of the first postcards to arrive was apparently the Judy Garland postcard. It was addressed in such a familiar way that it upset my mother. She wanted to know who this woman was and why was my father saying that he didn't have any idea about the postcard. Apparently, after 41 years of marriage, a wife can still get jealous!

After a few weeks when more and more mail started to come in, only then did Mom hand over the postcard to Dad after having used it as a bookmark. She admitted last night that she was pretty upset at first over the card but now, she's enjoying the mail as much as Dad.

You have got to see the outcome to understand the volumn of mail. He's been getting so much that he actually MISSED the postcard from my brother's family while they were on vacation recently.

- Dana

Postcard Project Update - Monday, August 01, 2005

Cha Ching! Cha Ching!

I drove home today for a funeral of a classmate of mine. The circumstances were sad but after the showing, I was sitting on the couch. Mom, Dad, and I started talking about people from my childhood.

Suddenly Dad says, "Hey Dana, do you know Kelley Severs?"
ME: "Who?"
Dad: "Kelley Severs."
Mom: I know her.
Dad: How?
Mom: She goes to church with us.
ME: Why?

At this point, Dad pulls out this entire red bag of mail. It is the size of a medium birthday package bag full of postcards and mail. He hands me this lovely letter and shows me this bag of pop tabs. Moments later, I was laughing so hard.

Dad: She doesn't go to church with us.
Mom: Yes she does.
Dad: No she does not!
ME: No she does not go to your church, she lives in California.
Mom: Well, our church is worth traveling.

I look at the letter, and start laughing even harder.

Then we start going over all the other cards. So far, Dad is sure that it is my sister-in-law that is behind all this mail. He keeps questioning her about the cards and she keeps denying it.

His favorite postcard to date is the one telling him he missed his dental appointment. He told me that he got up and actually started to check the calendar when he realized it was actually in Missouri. We laughed so hard on this one that I had to run to the bathroom.

For August, I suggest we move on to keys. That should really throw him off.

You will never understand completely the entertainment you are providing my father. Tonight, we literally laughed our way through all the postcards and spent two hours doing it.

Since I know where they are "hidden" I will have postcard pictures in full next week-end.

Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!
- Dana

So... Dad.... are you reading this blog? Do you remember when this happened to Mrs. Sherlock... all of a sudden she was receiving cards and letters from some strange neice and nephew?

If you are reading this blog, could you at least comment?

If not... you sure are tight lipped. Which would explain where your eldest son got his tight lip. I, however, got my loose lips from Mom. She, like I, are willing to talk to just about anything that might talk back to us.


I have no idea if he is reading... I do know that he's not talking.

- Dana

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