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Postcard Project Update - Friday, July 29, 2005

Sorry! Sorry! Sorry!

It is the end of the month... end of the quarter... and nearly the end of summer. I am running myself in a million circles and have NOT gotten to Wal-m*rt to pick up the film. (However, Will, will you tell me what to do with the pics when I get them?)

Some things have happened that might interest you. My neice turned 16. (Alex). Mom and Dad sent her a bunch of balloons and flowers for her birthday. She was to go spend some time with Dad and Mom but because her sibling were sick. It was decided that she better not go and take the germs to Dad.

I heard Dad did mention the postcards in passing. He is assuming they are from me/my friends. I'm going to get my sister-in-law to help me with information to start making it look like they are really from HER friends. We'll see how it goes.

- Dana

Postcard Project Update - Monday, July 25, 2005

Why I love this man:

My daughter went to visit my father and mother this week-end. Kenzie is a huge dog fan. So much so, that she took five of her nearest and dearest stuffed animal dogs with her to my dad's house.

When she called to tell Dad that she was taking her dogs, he said to her "Don't forget dog food, we don't have any here." And so, Kenzie and I created some "pretend dog food" to tease my father. We even decorated the bag.

Apparently, when they got home, Kenzie showed Dad the dog food and they set out a bowl for the dogs. In the middle of the night, Dad got up and swiped one of Kenzie's dogs. He took the dog out to the kitchen and sat it so it looked like the dog was eating some of the dog food. So when Kenzie woke up, low and behold... there was her dog eating breakfast.

It is this creative fun nature that makes me realize how lucky we are to have my father and how lucky we are that his diagnoise was not terminal.

- Dana

Bond always gets her man!

I found two postcards and one patriotic flag notecard. I took pictures and will have them tomorrow because my digital didn't work and I had to use the "old" way of picture taking and will have them developed tonight and scanned in the morning.

Still NOTHING said about the mail. I can't believe he is so tight lipped about it. I saw only one soda tab but there could be more.

Meanwhile, the heat is horrible and the temperature is about 95 but with heat index it must be nearly 100+.

Keep sending those tabs... (or bottle tops... just to throw things off!)

- Dana

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