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Postcard Project Update - Friday, July 15, 2005

Can you imagine? I have been trying to sign into this site for two days. OH WELL, I'm here now...

I talked to Mom last night. Dad was feeling okay after his chemo treatment but his blood sugars are out of control. This is the one real side effect that my father is having. His sugars are in the 400+ range. Thank God for insulin!

Still, Dad has not said a WORD about the mail. I haven't had a change to talk to Mom on the sly because Dad has been picking up the extension when I call. So... this week-end, I will snoop again and see what I find.

- Dana

Postcard Project Update - Thursday, July 14, 2005

Mom got the postcard today that Julie mentioned. When I was talking to mom on the phone, she said "Dad got you a membership form for the gun club. I bought us some yogurt drinks. And let me read you this postcard..." so I put it on speakerphone so Tom could hear it too. When I got home, she showed me the postcard, and was smiling about it. She feels she "got some answers" now, though she still doesn't know who would have signed her up. She said she's going to write to Jerry, and she's love to write to anyone else onse Jerry's turn is done. She said it made her feel a lot better and she'd like to be able to help other people out too. She's concerned that she doens't yet know anything about Jerry and said she's woerried because she doesn't know how to find out. So maybe if you're still up for writing to mom, you could include some of the things Dana has posted about...maybe that way she'll think that's how people found out about her?
Julie - great wording on the postcard!
For those of you not following my messages under an old post - it seems like some of mom's mail either was seriously delayed, or may have never arrived. I've heard from people who sent items, and then I casually check with mom and they're either not here, or they come a lot later than they should. So it's possible she never got some of the stuff y'all sent.

Postcard Project Update - Wednesday, July 13, 2005

My Mom got a postcard yesterday. She was so excited; said that it made her day. I think its been about 6 months since she's received one.

Postcard Project Update - Tuesday, July 12, 2005

I am going to have to bring my mother into the fold... Dad is not saying a word about the mail. What a booger.... my assumption is because he doesn't think it has to do with me. I'll call Mom tonight and tell her about what is going on so that she can help sneak information back to me. Of course, if I do that, she'll want me to tell you to use FUN stamps for her collection. LOL

In other DAD NEWS:
Dad has chemo on Thursday. He is doing very well with the chemo, so well that he is now driving himself there and back.

- Dana

Sarah in Colorado writes: I LOVE this!! I wish we could do something similar for our soldiers in Iraq.

Well, Sarah, there are tons of ways to show your support to our boys and girls overseas. Check these out. You can also support your local USO, or if you live near a major metropolitan area, you could call your local recruiter and find out when a good time to bring snacks / donuts for new enlistees down...

Postcard Project Update - Monday, July 11, 2005

Harry Potter...

My dad has read all the Harry Potter books and is very much looking forward to reading the new one. He's even been asking if anyone knows when the new movie is going to be started.

Also, any suggestion of good books, he'd love to hear.
- Dana

Postcard Project Update - Sunday, July 10, 2005

Okay, the trip home produced no pictures because my camara went nuts but it is just as well, as I found ONE postcard. My parents mentioned nothing about the extra mail and I spent the entire afternoon snooping around their home.

My mom asked me if I was worried about something because I kept "wondering about the house". If I hadn't been so determied, I might have found that funny. I live several hours away so it will be a week before I can get back there again.... darn it!

Mom and Dad are considering where to spend their next vacation after the chemo. If you have any suggestions, certainly drop your opinions in the mail!

- Dana

so.... I am at my dad's doing recon mission work. Okay, really, I'm snooping because no one is saying a word about the mail. I found a beautiful postcard of Judy Garland that he is using as a bookmark currently in the book he's reading.

My camara is broken but I'll find more and post soon.

I feel very James Bondish!
- Dana

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