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Postcard Project Update - Tuesday, June 07, 2005

Mom got a package today with a little hummingbird in it! She also showed me a hummingbird watercolor painting someone sent her a while ago. She went out and bought a frame for it, she liked it so much. I think she's getting used to the fact that it'll be tapering off. I hope some of you will continue to write even after her turn ends. I know she enjoys hearing from you!

Mom hasn't mentioned any mail in over a week. The last time I talked with her about it, she said it had been days since she'd gotten anything. She has finished the log cabin quilt with pieced squares that Gram made 20 years ago. Dad has cut out templates for her to use on the purple mystery quilt. The quilt should begin soon!

Postcard Project Update - Monday, June 06, 2005

Who am I?

Well, as a child, my parents got in a big fight over naming me and my father grabbed a dictionary and flipped it open to the first real word in the dictionary: aardvark. That was my nickname for many many months before I was born and has been a great story that my mother loves to tell when talking about my name, Dana.

Actually, my life isn't that exciting. Four kids (two bio/two step), a wonderful husband, the ex-husband, brothers, sisters-in-law, and parents... oh yeah, three dogs too! Life has been cruising along with typical ups and downs until March. In March, my family was hit with our first real crisis. You never know how a family will handle crisis... but it is that crisis that brings you your July vicitm.

I think you will really enjoy this one. And in twenty four more days... all the details will be spilled out. I can't wait!

- Dana

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