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Postcard Project Update - Friday, May 20, 2005

Mom has now made all of her squares for the log cabin quilt. I noticed yesterday she's pieced all the squares together, so in essence, she now has the top done. As I said before, she used a few of the pieces y'all sent her in this log cabin quilt(ones that didn't have too much purple, she's saving those). She has bought quite a few quilting magazines lately and has borrowed books from the library to find a pattern to use all the purple material with. She also basically finished mine for me; I pieced them and sewed the top together and she's done everything else. I have to hand stitch the binding and then it's done. So you could ask how her slacker daughter is doing on her own quilt. I'm sure she'll be glad to tell you she finished most of mine for me. :)

Postcard Project Update - Thursday, May 19, 2005

Folks, the Arnold Jaycees (Arnold, MO, my hometown) are hosting a Trivia Night Fundraiser to benefit a local food pantry.

The Arnold Food Pantry provides food and supplies to the less fortunate of our area. During the summer months, donations dwindle and the Jaycees have decided to host this fundraiser so that the pantry can continue to provide these great community services.

The Jaycees are currently looking for sponsors for the event. As Chairman of the Trivia Night Committee, I'm personally asking for help. If you, your business, or someone you know would like to sponsor a portion of the event, or would like to donate some items, gift certificates, or door prizes, please contact me right away - time is short.

For those local to St. Louis, MO, the event is June 3 at the Immaculate Church in Arnold. For more info, see

Postcard Project Update - Tuesday, May 17, 2005

Mom's mail has been slower these past few weeks than ever. She gets maybe one piece of mail a day, sometimes nothing for 1 or two days. Yesterday she got another card from Julie, who had written last week as well, welcoming Madison to our family. And some material, too. Mom has not caught on that there's an item each month. She has been wracking her brain over who signed her up for all of this. Cousin Shirley called again Saturday night and mom asked her if she knew anything about the letters. Shirley said she'd pray for anyone who needs it but she'd never sign someone up for this. So mom was talking to her grief counseolor(don't mention that, though) about it, and how not many people know all these facts about her, that maybe not even Dale(her oldest son) would know what authors she likes and about American Idol or Nashville Star(she says she won't watch Idol anymore now that they voted Anthony Federov off), and maybe only me and dad know all this stuff. Her counselor said "No, I know this as well" so then she thought maybe it was him. Dad keeps telling her to just appreciate the letters while they last.
Mom was working on some quilting squares today. I saw she's used some of the first purple material that came through in a log cabin design that she's using some of Gram's material from.
Keep the letters coming!

So we are playing this amazing race game at work where each of our teams randomly picked a country and now we are competing for a prize over the course of the quarter. Our first task was to bring in a postcard from our country (We have the U.K.). Guess where I got mine from??? LOL! Mom was so excited to break out the goods for me and find one. She knew they were going to come in handy! My team is in the lead. I think tonight im going to hit Craigslist and do some posting for the site. We need to get the word out again...seems like we have been slacking a little.

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