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Postcard Project Update - Friday, March 11, 2005

Well, I was with her today when she got her mail. The friendly reminder about a dentist appt in Missouri was the first one she read. Then she opened up some of the other cards. She's written back to 3 people so far; I mailed the letters myself today. All the little hints y'all are putting in each letter is great. Especially one today that mentioned quilting - shes trying to figure out who she would have talked to recently enough for them to know about the class.
Since she got 2 or 3 from MO today, she's starting to think it's my second cousin Shirley who's doing this. Shirley is really religious and mom is wondering if Shirl told her church members to send mom some mail. So it'll be even better when letters from all over the country start rolling in.
Dad's doing his part. Mom got letters from 2 guys today so dad said "Sure, you're just having girl friends write you to cover up for your boyfriends...I get it". It's exactly what mom said dad would say when he saw letters from guys. She was right!
Will continue to update...

Postcard Project Update - Thursday, March 10, 2005

Mom got two more today. The milkshake postcard("The only Martha I know used to be a patient, but she moved to Florida. Do you know any Marthas? She knows about my ankle...") and the York Beach wordsearch from Sarah("I know a Sarah from work, but I only talked to her once...she wouldn't know I like York Beach").
She's starting to wonder if she's going crazy because she can't remember these people. My husband Tom and I brought her out to lunch today at Friendlys, and she ran into a woman she knew from high school. Mom even told the lady about the mail! "Three in two days is awfully strange, don't you think?" I think it's great that it's starting slow. I told her today that maybe God thinks she needs an uplift to her life. Not that any of us are religious, but she kind of seemed okay with that idea.
I think the cards that are coming mentioning things she has nothing to do with - the dogs, Jimmy and James, and Hubert with psoriosis are great because they will maybe help her think those are going to the wrong person. That's what she said today, is these people who have written must know her because they're mentioning her ankle and York Beach.
I'll continue to update...

Postcard Project Update - Wednesday, March 09, 2005

Well, Mom got her first piece of mail today. A very nice note from Marna, if I recall correctly. It was worded perfectly - had Mom trying to remember who this person was. I found out she had a penpal from Colorado at one point, though they only wrote back and forth once because mom said the CO lady was "snobby". And it seems there was an older lady from western MA who mom also wrote to. It's tough to get too much info out of her without making a big deal out of the letter.
Dad is still good to go with everything and promises not to tell. He thinks she's going to go crazy. She's already wondering if she should write back to Marna. She knows she must know her from somewhere since York Beach and Nubble were mentioned.
More to come...

Postcard Project Update - Tuesday, March 08, 2005

No mail yet for mom. I expect he rto start getting some tomorrow, especially from those of you who live close by. She doesn't have any pets, though she was bitten by a dog almost 10 years ago and therefore doesn't like them too much. As far as quilting goes, we're going to our second to last class tomorrow. We're both working on a small lap size quilt. Hers has blue, maroon and a light flower print. She's doing a 9-patch on point. We're learning how to hand or machine quilt tomorrow night.
Dad is totally in on everything. So he can tell me what she says when I'm not there.
I'll keep you posted!

Prankster Becka has been added to the blog, as well as Third Victim-Mom Kay. Expect some posts from them soon!

Postcard Project Update - Monday, March 07, 2005

Thanks to everyone for voting. The new Mom's address will go out today in the newsletter.

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