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Postcard Project Update - Saturday, March 05, 2005

Here's one of the two things I promised: The two-part radio call.

Part one is the setup, to be listened to first (3Mb)
Part two is the call to Kay. Listen for the word 'hoot'. (5Mb)

Special thanks to Sean and Jeff of KZZO 100.5 The Zone in Sacramento, CA. You guys rawk!

Postcard Project Update - Friday, March 04, 2005

I have in my sweaty little hands the two-part phone call from the radio station to Rick's mom, Kay. I'll be posting it tomorrow.

Also, I've spoken with Becka and I'll be posting her Mom's info in the newsletter and on here tomorrow as well. I'll also be revealing the first month's item, and you'll love it.

Get ready, get set, GO wait til tomorrow!

Hi all! Mom's here!!!!

From Kay:

Hey the Gig is up!!!! Finely I have the creator of my cards, letters, and gifts out in the open. I thought that it was something to do with my son-in-law and sure enough it was.... He is so good at playing jokes on people and is so clever. This time he got me, even though I suspected him I was never sure. It was really fun and I am sure that the Post Man will be glad that my mail has slowed down.

Now that the game is over, I would like to thank Betty Anne's daughter Wendy for the nice Hickory Farms box of cheese and sausages. What a nice thought. It really surprised me. Everyone in the family was so surprised even though they all knew the truth, that is everyone but me. I am sure I am going to carry on the tradition...I think I will be getting Easter...Maybe she would like a bunny!

I tried various things to shock my son in law into fessing up it was him doing this, but he never broke. Can you believe ones boss would do such a thing??? I will be back at a later date to tell you more. Until then I guess I had better get back to the paying job. Thanks for all the fun.

Mom Kay

So mom seems a tad overwhelmed with all this technological mumbo jumbo...but she is going to come back on when she has more time and really figure this thing out. In the mean time...give me a list of questions you would like her answer and I will help her respond as soon as she has a moment!

P.S. and Jeff actually, unpromptedly said..."that really sounds like a hoot" in the reveal. I almost wet myself.

To Becka: Good Luck and God Speed! Your gonna do awesome!


Welcome radio listeners in Sacramento!

Media: Click here for press information

Radio Listeners: click here to answer my most emailed question: "Can my mom be next?"

MAKE SURE you sign up for our newsletter, as we'll be pranking another Mom starting next week! This will be the best way to keep up with the project!

We are currently finishing the voting on our next Mom, so no need trying to get in on this one. The next contest will be in three months, when we finally reveal ourselves again!

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Oh, and hey, leave a comment so we know you heard!

Postcard Project Update - Thursday, March 03, 2005


This morning was Mom's reveal. It was too cool! I with the assistance of Sean and Jeff at Sacramento radio station FM100.5 "the Zone" , let Mom Kay..otherwise known to friends and family as "Mimsy" in on the secret (website hits should take off tommorow 'round 8:00 when the reveal airs!). They called her and told her they heard she had been getting a lot of mail from different people around the world, and they thought that was really cool...and then they let her know...that her wonderful son-in-law was the culprit behind the whole shin-dig. She said she had her suspicions that it was me, but that she was glad to know for sure! What a fun reveal! I think it went really well! Mimsy seemed very excited to be a part of this, and I told her I was going to show her the website and teach her how to participate with the next mom! She was cracking up the whole time! She was very excited to share with the world about her Hickory Farms. I spoke to her after the reveal and she said she has all the mail, so I will get to scanning and sending to Will for the new "Kay" gallery. I cant wait to get her on here so she can tell you guys about what she thought and her reaction the whole time so I will be in touch shortly!

You guys have really been great and made this fun for me, and my wife, and Jay and Mom for sure! So I tell you from the bottom of my heart thank you.

To the next head prankster...Good Luck! Your in the hot seat now...if you need help or advice, or someone to deflect blame...let me know I can help any way I can.


Alright, kids, time to vote. We only need one word, the name of the person you're voting for. Make sure you put the 'pranker's name and not the 'prankee'. I just made up a new word!

Votes will only count ONE PER COMPUTER/IP ADDRESS (so if you want to cheat you're gonna have to do it from a different computer each time). :)

Also, I heard a rumor that Kay was on (or going to be on) the radio in Sacramento...

UPDATE: Voting will close Friday at Noon, central time. Thank you for all who voted!

Postcard Project Update - Tuesday, March 01, 2005

Please do not post real last names on here, as we try to maintain some semblance of anonynimity for the victim. Thanks!

Postcard Project Update - Monday, February 28, 2005

If you sent me an email, and I didn't post it, please let me know (

Please leave comments about each Mom in their respective posts. Later on this week I'll ask for an 'official' vote.

finally, Ashlen:

my mom has just found out she has cancer and dont know how long she will live. my aunt just had surgery too and my tein sister as well. in fact my mom just had three surgeries and in 2 weeks she will have another one to get out more cancer. she is feeling down and if you could get people to send her stuff and play that joke on her it would liven up her day. not long ago did her mom die from the exact cancer that she has now been diagnosed with. i would greatly appreciate it if you could post our address and get people to send her stuff at my house . she wont no what it is! or why she gets all this stuff but it will make her happy and get her mind off her troubles! please tell me if you will do this and i will give you my moms address! please wrrite back! its the perfect thing to do! she will be at the house for a long time now that she is having all these surgeries.


and Julia (who's mom is overseas):

I have a mum, Christine, that would be perfect for the Postcards for Mom-thing. Even before you put the idea for an overseas mom up, I'd thought about how good it would be to do this for her.

Let me tell you something about her. She's 55, I'm her only daughter (I'm 28) and she never married - she wanted a kid but not a husband, basically, that's the short version of the story. Anyway, since my birth she stopped working to take care of me, and ever since I was 9 years old she's taken in 22 foster kids (in 15 years). She never stopped caring and I love her so much for showing me how important it is to care for other people who have little, even though she's never had much either.
When she turned 50 she decided she was too old for foster care and applied for a "normal" job again, and now she's working as an administrative assistant in a small theatre. She hates her job at the moment though, as the new boss is an asshole, but when you're 55 it's not that easy finding a new job, so she has to sit it out probably.

My mum is very modern, she loves popmusic and cinema and also loves to travel even though she hasn't got enough money to go very far. She also loves getting mail, so sending her stuff from all over the world would be wonderful. I know she'd love it, I also know she wouldn't suspect me and she'd share everything with me. I live very close to her and speak to her every day, so I know I'll be seeing those postcards...

I can give regular updates, I'd love to in fact. I'm a writer myself so writing an update wouldn't be too big a task for me, and I'm on the internet daily so no worries there either. I know I've enjoyed your updates (sorry Rick isn't updating that much) and a big part of the project are the people that send the cards, and they deserve to know what's happening.

Best wishes,


then there's Rebecca:

I'd like to nominate my mom. I'm not sure if I'm supposed to send you an email or submit something on the website, so I thought I'd email you. I live two blocks away from my mom, and I talk to her, and see her almost every day, so I would have lots of updates. We already have a P.O. Box that we both check on different days, so I would be able to see some of the mail that my mom would be getting, and possibly I could photocopy it or scan it before she got to see it. I've been a regular reader of the site since I found out about it a few months ago.

I have access to a scanner when I do my college radio show. There's a copier/scanner in the office there. I also have a friend who I think would be willing to help me with her digital camera, and her scanner.


Next, Shelly:

Hi Will-
I don't have a super fun story or anything for my mom but she's probably the coolest lady in the dad rocks, too. I work about a mile from their house. They're both pretty young (born in 1951, but don't tell her I told you that part!) Mom married my Dad at 21 had my older sister in 1973, had me in '76, and had my other sister in '79. She was a stay at home Mom (Soooo June Cleaver) until we were all in school, when she took a job as an "office manager" but she'd still get out of work early enough to pick us up & drag us to all of our sports practices, Dance classes, etc. She's been working at that office ever since.

Now, Her Mom lives with them at their house- she just turned 90. ...and Mom & Dad take care of her, too. She & my dad are happily married. There's no big tragedy or reason that she'd "need it" more than anyone else. She's just fun & it would be fun to do this to her. Even my extended family is really close & we're known for doing random pranks... one year only about 6 years or so ago- my parents went on a TP spree... on my dad's brother's birthdays (he has 7 brothers) they went in the middle of the night to TP the brother's house. Nobody knew who it was until the end of the year when my Dad was the only one who's birthday was peaceful! Everyone was amused- no harm done- but that's the sort of geeked out family I have. Everyone loves a good gag.

My Dad has a PO box for work that he has to check every day, so I could totally get him in on it to pick up her mail even if she couldn't. It would be a breeze for me to drop by the house in the afternoon to pick up gems that Dad passes my way & I'd scan them at work... Or it can be a gag on them both & I can still snag stuff pretty easily.

Anyway- I'm sure there's a Mom out there that need a pick-me-up. If there's one of those- I'd vote for her too. But if you're looking for just cool people to bamboozle (that word is almost as ancient as "hoot") my mom/my parents is/are it.

Okay- I guess that's all I have to say. :)
~ Shelly

First off, Becka:

My mom's name is Sally. She's 61 years old. Still works as a home health aid. She tripped on a doormat at a patient's house in early January and broke her ankle, so she's been out of work for almost two months. I've told her to tell people that she slipped on the ice, 'cause that sounds less stupid than tripping on a mat. Yet she insists on the truth.
She loves NASCAR(went with her, dad and my husband to a NASCAR time trial last year), especially Rusty Wallace, so she's really bummed this is his last year in racing. But, no, she's *not* white trash. Speaking of white trash, she loves the show "Cops." She hasn't missed a Saturday night of Cops since it started. One Saturday night she brought me to the emergency room, but still made me set the VCR so she could watch it when we got home.
She loves to read, sometimes mind candy romance novels but usually stuff by James Patterson and Faye Kellerman. She loves York Beach, Maine and has spent many vacations there, and her favorite part of it is Nubble Lighthouse. Her mom, Doris, passed away on November 1 of 2004, and she's still healing from that. Gram was her best friend, and they did a lot together. Mom has lived in MA for most of her life, though she did live in Colorado for a while. She's been married 3 times; and she has 4 kids - Dale is 41, married with 2 kids and served in the Army for a while; Sindia is 39, married with 2 kids; Jay is 36, on his third marriage and has 1 kid; and I'll be 29 in a week and I just got married in September.
We just started a quilting class. She loves to do paint by numbers, jigsaw puzzles, and has recently gotten into word searches. Her two best friends have moved away; one lives in CA and one in VT. Mom loves dead singers - Elvis, Roy Orbison, Johnny Cash, John Denver. It's kinda weird - everytime she says she wants to see someone in concert, they die.
Mom is incredibly curious so all the letters would pique her interest - she'd want to try to figure out where she met all these people. I've done a lot of traveling, so possibly that could come into it - people could say they met me while traveling and I had talked about her and her interests. Especially since I live right next door, some letters could even come to me and I could give them to mom saying the letters mention her. There's tons of things mom does and has in common with a lot of people. She used to have some penpals but doesn't remember their names, some letters could be from "former penpals" or things like that. I know my brother Jay would go along with this, so we could get angles from him too. Mom talks to him every Wednesday night.

But anyway, that's my plea. I think it would really brighten her mood to have something other than Gram to focus on, and I know that this would befuddle her to no end.


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