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Postcard Project Update - Tuesday, February 15, 2005

If I provided you with all the tools necessary to pull a HUGE prank on your Mom, and there was potential to get somewhat 'famous' (at least locally), wouldn't you put your full heart into it? Wouldn't you let all the people that are playing along in on all the excitement that they are causing? The publicity possibilities for this project are through the roof, if you have a little creative genius and time to follow through on them.

I admit I'm a little burnt out on this project. It was so fun with my Mom, and being the Internet geek that I am, I loved to post every happening/conversation/blame online. I thought it was, well, a hoot.

As I said, if you were given all the tools to pull something like this on your Mom or Dad, what would you do?

Rick, I'm not bashing you, I'm just trying to understand how something that I feel felt so passionate about, something that has such potential, could feel like such a 'dud'...

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