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Postcard Project Update - Friday, February 04, 2005

Had lunch with Mom today, no mention of mail, but there was too much excitement. Turns out one of my wifes best childhood friends is working at her school as a student teacher. So lunch was me, mom, wife, friend (megan) and teacher. They were all giddy and reminicent. Blech. You might mention your sorry you missed the big reunion lunch, but you will see her at bunko.

She is still fired up about NY. So continue to ask how that was.

Postcard Project Update - Thursday, February 03, 2005

Hi All:

It's mom's month to host bunko, bunko night is 02/09/05. Please dont forget to RSVP, she can only fit so many, remember buy in is $10.00. If you cant make it, join her at Sprentz Elem Community Bunko night on 02/25/05, buy in is $25.00 for that event, but it includes dinner, a Mrs. Fields cookie and 3 beers/wine. Let her know if your gonna make it, perhaps you could carpool?

Jay is going too, so since you all dont get to do all that much with us anymore, this would be a good opportunity for us all to hang out.


Postcard Project Update - Tuesday, February 01, 2005

Hi All:

Sorry the updates haven’t been as often as I would have liked but things have been CRAZY! I am super busy with my comedy troop and mom has been out of town, and at work and a little quieter about the influx of mail. Time to turn that around though.

Mom is well, she is back from New York which she absolutely loved. There are lots of things regarding this trip to mention. She went to the Statue of Liberty, saw the musical Wicked, had coffee at Trump Towers, took a carriage ride through Central Park and enjoyed a lovely meal in Little Italy. She also bought a “kick-off” (not to be confused with knockoff) purse from a street vendor on the run. Oh…and she stopped in at a NYFD firestation to shoot the wind with some “Hottie firefighters”. All of those things would be fun to mention.

She has also started her seasonal second job, she works for Parks and Rec as a basketball facilities moniter, so you might mention you saw her at a game.

The item of the month is going to be a handful of birdseed and a Happy National Bird Feeding month note and/or a Birthday card as her birthday is 02/22. You might mention that birdseed is fitting as it will work well in the birdfeeder Sally got her also.

I would like for everyone possible to mention Dr. Tim in their letters and notes, as this month I am going to try one last diversion tactic before the gig is up. I am going to see if I can get Jay to mention him a few times before the end of the month. His ol’ buddy Dr. Tim.

I appreciate all of your hard work and dedication and I can assure you that your heartfelt notes and kind words really mean the world to her.


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