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Postcard Project Update - Wednesday, December 22, 2004

Super Extreme Snowflake Challenge of the Day 12/22/04:

Snowflake must have exactly 100 holes in it. Make this showflake on red paper, so I know which to look for to count them.

Last night my beloved wife had a splendid idea on how to reduce Rick aimed blame. It involves Jay and Dr. Tim (who by the way sent Mom a hand croched snowflake). More to come on that soon.

This will most likely be my last post until after Christmas, so to all of you...Merry Christmas (or Happy Holidays). Enjoy the time with your Family as I will with mine.

I love you all...


Postcard Project Update - Tuesday, December 21, 2004

Have a few minutes extra today? Why not write/call your local paper/tv channel and give them a great story about a mom in California who receives hundreds of 'snowflakes' every week? Tell them about our little sneaky plan, and about all the fun we're having...

Super Extreme Snowflake Challenge of the Day 12/21/04:

Make the snowflake out of the December page of a Wall calendar. Lets end the year on a high note right? Like...A sharp??

Rick mom got H.F. from you guys. Your crazy.

Guess what Mom got today??? LOL!

She just called: "Weird things are happening to your mother!" and she told me what she got, appetizers for Christmas Eve! HA! Card read: "Betty and Celeste said it was your turn to bring the appetizers! Wendy ****"

I love you guys. My mom got H.F. from strangers. the spirit of Christmas.


P.S.: Will: Your Mom has something for you from me. Let me know what you think when you get it.

Postcard Project Update - Monday, December 20, 2004

Super Extreme Snowflake Challenge of the Day 12/20/04:

I like the multiples theme, so today, stuff your envelope with mini flakes. Cut like 2 inch squares and make as many snowflakes as you think you can send for 39 cents.

Update: She showed me the snowflakes she has gotten thus far this weekend. I dont think the "how do these people know each other?" side of the project had quite dawned on her until the state flakes. She is enthralled that the postmark is from the state the flake is made in the shape of, and yet she is getting them from all over, with no real connection.

As an aside to you all, great minds think a like, most of them are the same size (like if we had them all they would fit together) and most have the *here i am* and the capital marked. Dr Tim sent a beautiful croched snowflake, and someone sent some wire (I think) showflakes covered in glitter. They are very pretty. She also had glitter all over her face and shirt by the time they went back to the envelope (+10 for those of you familiar with Craigslist).

She loves them.


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