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Postcard Project Update - Thursday, November 11, 2004

Im not sure why all the references to Scuba. Cracked me up! (Of course mom has never been Scuba Diving!)

Hi All:

This posting is to answer the questions in the previous posting. I tried to post as a comment but it was too big.

Her reaction is I would say mostly confusion. She is pretty sure its Jay now that she has gotten the "incriminating evidence" but I havent heard from him about it yet so I dont know if she has said anthing to him. She has all the fabric squares sorted and she has a pile of boxtops and labels ready to be turned in. I think she is going to take them in once a week, or she might wait till she has a ton of them and dump them on "the culpret" her bosses desk and formally accuse him.
She was blaming me hot and heavy for a while, then it died off and she wasnt really trying to "blame" anyone as much as she was just talking about the stuff she got.

Does she know who you are? Well yes and no. She knows that you are all really super great people, and she knows that you have teamed up to send her warm thoughts and wishes, but why she does not know. In fact one of the things she has mentioned do you all know each other. The amount of shared references is incredible, so I think that is probably the one thing that throws her off the most.

She tells everyone about it. She took a grocery bag full of the letters and postcards to school with her to show her friends.

Its amazing, I dont know why but I would say her favorite thing, in all honesty is the postcards. She really, really likes those. I think she likes seeing where everyone has been and gone and hearing about their trips.

My favorite part is the ones that talk about when they knew her...some of those ones really crack me up! The ones about the "old days at the dorm" and "meeting at the bingo championchips" I was DYING!!!

I also wanted to say this...I know she hasnt written any of you guys back yet (or we have no reports of that anyway) she has taken to writing letters and notes to people. Some of our family friends (Hi JODY!!!)had a Halloween get together and she came and had dinner and went trick or treating with the kids and the hostess (Jody's Sister) told my wife and I that she had gotten a thank-you note a few days later thanking them for the invitation and blah, blah, blah, blah, blah. be honest, thats not really her style. I think that perhaps she has realized how much getting a letter can mean to someone and is passing it on to others.


The mail is coming in more so now than ever. I see that the natives have been restless as updatey updatester has been letting you down on the day to day. WELL....the bad news is I have been bedridden sick for about a week, so I have bees SERIOUSLY negelecting my duties, but the good news is the Ricker is back in business (please dont impeach me, I cant be the second liberal in 10 years to be impeached).

I dont know what happened but the boxtop idea has inspired people because they are pouring in! You guys must have started the PCFM call tree or something! I havent made it over to see the stack but she told my wife she has gotten more in the past couple days than she had so far! Has anyone done something way new???

I really would like to apologize, I didnt mean to go so long beetween postings. Is there anything specific you guys would like to hear about??


Postcard Project Update - Tuesday, November 09, 2004

Just a few new additions to the gallery...

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