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Postcard Project Update - Thursday, October 21, 2004

Hi All!

Alright!!! Lets talk about Craigslist! I could use your help so Rally the troops!! I know a lot of you are out there in different cities! Well, if you log onto you can pick two or three cities to post ads under. The reason you can only do a few is they scan postings from the same email address for content. You can usually get away with a couple of the same in different cities with no problems. More than that and they get snippy! (Will and I both learned this the hard way!) So...maybe if you can check three different cities a day for us under the items wanted category and if there is no PCFM ad, post one, that would be awsome! I usually put...

Headline: Hey! Send my mom a postcard! or My mom is getting some really wierd mail!

Body: C'mon! You know you want to!

...or something like that! According to Will it can really get traffic flowing, and we know what that means! More hits to the site more letters in the mail box!! I think there are other similiar free classified ad sites out there we could maybe tap into to? Can you post a comment on the blog if you post on one of these? That way we can see everywhere were showing up!!

Mom is really getting into the whole mail thing but I have a feeling she is not getting as much as the other moms. She has taken to checking the mail everyday in anticipation though! Thats really cool! I really appreciate the smiles you guys are giving her, the other day she was laughing so hard when she was reading the letters she was wiping tears away!

Is she on to me?? Well, she has started to consider possibilities other than me, but she does keep hinting that she thinks its me.

Im gonna drop the write back idea next time I see her. I think it would be cool if she does!

I need someone to drop a red herring clue for me too, and mention..."Say Hi to Jay for me, Go Cheetahs" Jay is her boss and a prankster and has heard about the prank from her. I think this one reference and she would be onto him!! This is right up his alley too!

As always...if you have other advertising ideas...let me know! I will try anything. My goal was to have my mom get the most letters and I dont know if im gonna make it! I was thinking about taking out a classified in like the NY times! Think it would work??


Postcard Project Update - Tuesday, October 19, 2004

Hi All! I was supposed to meet Mom for lunch at her house today so I snuck in and made a list of what I could find before I heard her on the steps!

Lets review who we have heard from so far:

Ronald and Nancy Reagan Postcard from Joannie
San Fransisco Postcard from Beatrice
Dorm memory Postcard from Joann
Trump Plaza Postcard from Rose and Paul
Swimmer hat/Inside Joke Postcard from Lara
Australia Postcard from Anita
Missouri Postcard from Jenny
Philly Postcard from Rebecca
Letter/Rainbow Fabric from Joanne
Letter/Red Fleece from Lindsey Lou (from Alaska!)
Letter/Horse Fabric from Jo (from Canada!)
Letter/X-mas Fabric from Celeste
Letter/Checkered Fabric from Peanut (?)
We've Moved Card (adorable) from Carrie

of course the origional letter from Dr. Tim

I also saw in the stack but couldnt get to them before she came in: a letter from
Japan and one from Baltimore, and there were probably about 10 more under those that I couldnt even guys are doing great! Can we do better??? Ideas? What can I do?? I am going to kick up the CL postings again! Any other pretty willing to do whatever!


Postcard Project Update - Monday, October 18, 2004

The Postcard Project was featured on the Steve and DC Show this morning. We were originally on the show shortly after the Mother's Day 'reveal', and I'm curious what was said this morning, whether it was a replay of our original interview, or a follow-up for Kay.

If you heard it, please let us know what they said!

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