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Postcard Project Update - Friday, April 23, 2004

One more thing - Kevin leaves Monday for Savannah Georgia and I'm pretty sure he's off to Florida right after that. If you're in that area, make sure you send a note mentioning "the exercise at the Air Base"...

I'm so mean...

Earlier today I talked to Mom. She wants Kevin and I to come up to her house for her birthday. We talked about my son and I told her that I wouldn't be able to make it to the family get-together tomorrow. Then I did it. I straight-out asked her.

"Are you still getting that weird mail or did all that stop?"

"Oh no, it didn't stop", she said, "it's still coming. Yesterday was the first time in a long time that I didn't get anything. But today I got about 7 things, including a 7-page letter from someone. She was telling me all about the old house that they bought and that they have critters and that her husband won't get up to get rid of them..."

She continued, "and I got an 8x10 of a bunch of people dressed up for Halloween and I swear one of them looks just like your Aunt Cher."

"She does?" (I asked this because I remember someone saying they were going to mail mom a Halloween picture and I'm pretty sure it wasn't Aunt Lyla or Renee...)

"Yeah, I'm gonna take the picture with me tomorrow and ask her about it."

I'm going to call Aunt Cher tonight and warn her that it looks like she's being set-up. On second thought, it'll look better if she doesn't expect it.... muhahahaha (She's the aunt that works for the Post Office)

From the way Mom talked to me on the phone, I'm pretty sure (at this moment) she doesn't suspect me. That could change, but so far so good. Thanks to all the people out in Internetland that are making this such a success!

Postcard Project Update - Thursday, April 22, 2004

I talked with Jim briefly last night. I asked him how the mailings were going. he saud that she is getting some stuff, comics with the word baloons cut out and others with missing slides. I asked him what her response was and he said that she said "I really do not know what is going on" almost in a broken confused way. This is what we are looking for. I like the idea of invitations to events that have either already passed or outside of her commuting distance. There was a nother comment made about sending her keys. Everyone has a key that goes to nothing lying around. Remember the more useless the item the more we like it. Keep the suggestions coming. Maybe Will will put up a poll like we did a few months ago and let you decide. Just tell him monkey boy said to do it!!

Some new comments:

Char from Austin TX simply states: this is a great idea for making your mom crazy at an accelerated rate
you're onto us, Char.

Brenda says: ...Keep it up, it's nice to know people can still have a "CLEAN" laugh these days, THIS KIND OF LAUGHTER DOES STILL EXIST.

Betsey writes: I'm getting married in Sept. in NH and I was inspired by the person who suggested sending wedding invitations, announcements, etc. I think I'll invite Celeste!! I know I'd be horribly confused if I got a WEDDING INVITATION from someone I didn't know! Heck, if she wanted to make the trek to NH from MO, I'd save a place for her at the head table!
Mention something about free beer and my brother will be there...

Dana in Houston asks: Does your mom collect anything or have any hobbies? It would be fun to have a wild card idea one month to send her something related to one of her interests! p.s. we love this whole project!
I can't think of anything immediately. Kev?

Postcard Project Update - Wednesday, April 21, 2004

This month is flying by. I have a feeling we've lost a bunch of our senders. Either that, or Mom just doesn't tell us all the stuff she gets. I think the site has a great appeal to everyone who reads it, however there is a follow-up problem. One which obviously I cannot control, outside of the newsletter email every month. And I'm not about to start sending reminders out every week.

I'll post some more 'ads' on CraigsList, and maybe someone will pick up the link and add it to their site. All we need is a few high-traffic sites/blogs to list it and Mom will once again be innundated with useless mail.

I've decided on the May item, and I'll post it next week. In the meantime, if you haven't sent Mom a comic, please do so. Today.

I've added a few new images to the Gallery (number 4) and expect some more to come from Jim when he gets an opportunity.

Postcard Project Update - Tuesday, April 20, 2004

Looking for something to send Mom for April? let me offer my assistance

Update from Jim: Well she pretty sure it's aunt Rene, But the red stumps still throw her and the bit about Beth. She made the comment that "I think you're all in on it" This includes me. ... I almost screwed up the other day when she told me that some one on Kev's base had found your WEB SITE! I thought,"oh crap" the jig is up. I asked her "What web site?" and she said" You know, Wills Blog. He makes fun of Kevin and puts his head on some body's body . Some of the pictures are being distributed around the base". I don't know if you "know about this" so be warned.
Yeah, I know about it, and I tell all Kev's friends about it. In fact, it's about time for me to do some new pics of Kev...

Today we hit over 500 subscribers to our little newsletter dealy. We're also on our way to half a million hits since Jan 2. Thanks for making the site a great success thus far, and send something to Mom today!

Mom is acting a little wierd lately. I talked to her last night and she is insistant that I come up to St. Louis for her birthday. I do not know what is going on but Will said that she has been acting a little stranger than normal over the last week. She no longer mentions the mail to me, I do not know if she has decided that it is not me or if it is her was of seeing if I will mention it.

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