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Postcard Project Update - Saturday, April 17, 2004

Tomorrow is Sunday. Cut out (most of) a comic and mail it to Mom.

I get a copy of every address request that is sent out. What do you make of this?

A person has requested mom's address from the website.
why, california


Postcard Project Update - Friday, April 16, 2004

Mom is meeting me after work today to take the kids for the night. She just called to firm up the plans, and she mentioned that she got a postcard from Finland yesterday. It was labeled 'Urine in Snow, Artist Unknown'. On the back was, yes, a comic. In a foreign language which, of course, Mom didn't understand. Sweet.

Posted crazy ads on CraigsList for the following cities:

New York (Manhattan)

How many people reading this today found out about the project via CraigsList? CL is the only advertising I've done for this site.

How many by referral (word of mouth)?

How did you find it?

Michelle asks: Can we still send your mom postcards, or do we have to stick with the 'item o' the month'? I'm going to the Caribbean next week and would love to send your mom a postcard...
We get this question a lot. You can always send Mom a postcard. It's easier to find 23 cents than it is to scrounge for the full 37.

And, as I said before, if possible, scan the postcard before you send it to Mom, and email it to me so I can add it to the Gallery.

Have you ever noticed that the number of comments listed is never the actual number of comments? I guess that's what I get for free, huh?

Postcard Project Update - Thursday, April 15, 2004

Since we have quite a few family members that now regularly read this site, I thought maybe it was time to start identifying them. I've added a little list above to help you out when reading through the blog, to figure out who was who. I hope it helps.

Confused? Great.

First off, I'd like to tell everyone just how much we enjoy the comments you send or post on the site. It makes the project fore 'real' to know that people are interacting and making it a worldwide project, not just mine and my brothers. We enjoy your item submissions and other zany comments. Keep 'em coming.

As Kev said, let's get talking about May's item, but please, send Mom a comic for this month. The mail has tapered off dramatically and we still need your support. Plus, the Post Office could use that extra 37 cents in their budget.

Next, I wanted to mention that Mom called me at work yesterday. I'm usually in by 6AM and she doesn't start til around 9 so she calls me here. Anyway, we had a pleasant conversation, nothing about the mail, and then I said I needed to get back to work.

She said, "Ok, oh, and keep the mail coming." A trap. Rapid fire, a quick jab. Unsuspecting me almost replied "Ok Mom", but I didn't falter.

"Umm, ok Mom. I have no control over that." was all I could think of. I think I said something about the fact that Kev was back in town now, maybe it'd pick up again.
"Well, ok, I just figured I'd try. I've pretty much blamed everyone now, but I really think it's Renee."
"Oh? Whys that?"
"I just do. And I've got so much crap now that I'm not sure what to do with it all."
"Save it and write a book. Call it Silly Mail."

She liked that idea. She has kept everything that you all have sent her.

I forgot to tell you that it looks like Aunt Renee is the one on the hot seat this week. Mom thinks she is behind all the "silly mail". So keep up the good work and implicate Aunt Renee. Social Workers or any thing to do with City government or kids will work great. We love you Aunt Renee even if you are an Elder.

First an administrative note. This is a website for fun. Comments made on this website should be taken in the spirit of what we are trying to do here. At no point do we intend to offend anyone, however, if there is something said on here that offends you please know that it is not directed at you personally. Feel free to comment on anything we post. We all live in a world that is hellbent on making everyone happy. I personally do not live in that world. I will apologies for my brothers kicking the cat comment with the disclaimer that y'all need to look at the light and upbeat flavor of this site before you get bent out of shape on anything else that is posted.

Now with all that said, we need to start talking about next months item. I have been thinking and posing some things to my brother but none has hit me with the fever that it needs. Here are several of my ideas. Please comment and tell me what you are thinking. Remember that the more useless the item the better we like it.

This month (May) is moms birthday month. In the past someone mentioned sending her a dollar. I like this idea but do not want to be perceived as trying to make money off this site (unlike my brother ). I was thinking about making a copy on a Xerox machine of a dollar and coloring it with markers. ( to answer your question I do still get the kids menu when we go out to eat so I can color with the kids). Another proposition was a button, everyone likes buttons. I am not the creative one so hopefully Will will post a list of zany (yeah, zany) ideas he has.

Postcard Project Update - Tuesday, April 13, 2004

Hey Ya'll, Will was right I have been down in Gulfport learning a new software product for the Air Force that does not work. All week I heard this will be a great product once we get the bugs worked out of it, and me sitting in the back of the room shooting off my logic and trying to make sence of this mans Air Force. But I ramble, I talked to mom over the weekend but she did not mention the mail. Talked mostly about the huge garden I just planted. I know redneck pastimes, well the tractor is not running and Amy will not let me drive the riding mower after making donuts in the front yard....

Got an email from Aunt Lyla today. She's the one that always gets her picture swiped. Here's what she has to say...

Your mom called last weekend. She asked me if I knew who was sending the mail. She told me about the one about the missing picture. She asked if I knew who was doing this would I tell her. My response "Of course". She said she thought it might be me and I asked her where the letter came from about the picture. She said Japan. I told her I didn't know anyone in Japan, so it couldn't possibly be me.

I asked her what she was doing with all the "stuff". She said she has been saving it all and SOMEONE would be getting a very big Christmas present. Hmmmmm. I talked to your Mom this morning and she said the mail has tapered off only two letters a day. Her postman wants to know what it is all about.

Just thought you might want to know.

The idea of having all my relatives lie for me is a bit scary. I'm not sure how that reflects on my integrity, but perhaps it's already gone anyway...

Haven't heard from my brother in a while, I think he's out gallavanting around the country again. Hopefully he'll pop in sometime soon and let us know what he's been accused of...

Yesterday we had a birthday party for my youngest and Mom was there. She told me that her hubby's sister entered her in a bunch of contests online. Her comment went like this:

Yeah, I get silly mail from her, too, but at least she admits to it...

I kept a straight face and just said Huh. as if I had no idea.

Postcard Project Update - Monday, April 12, 2004

This project is going so successfully, that I think next month everyone should send me a case of this new product. Ok, maybe not.

Jen writes: Just mailed 10 envelopes to your mom with the same comic all cut up in pieces. None of the envelopes have a complete comic strip. How about an ad or article from a local newspaper for next month’s item? Be great to see where all this stuff is coming from?
Kevin and I are brewing up something good for next month. We'll be swapping ideas over the next few weeks and we'll let you know what we come up with. Of course, your suggestions are most certainly welcome. Just nothing about cats, ok?

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