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Postcard Project Update - Thursday, April 01, 2004

Heather in Worcester, MA asks: How come I never think of things like this?
You probably did, you just aren't enough of a loser to buy a domain name, get hosting, and publish your idea, hoping other wackos will play along...

Colleen in Northampton, Massachusetts says: you are so f***ing cool.
Ok, I may have edited one of the words, but trust me, she said it.

Lori in Soulsbyville, CA tells me: You are such BAD boys - I love it
I guess she was talking to Kevin...

Postcard Project Update - Wednesday, March 31, 2004

I've got a bunch of email that I want to post, and I'll try to get to it tonight. Hope everyone is starting to send the comics. I guess tomorrow I'll do the newsletter, too.

March stats for those (two) of you who are interested:

Hits: 60,602
Biggest referrer: with over 10% of all referrals
Over 1.1GB Bandwidth burned
Busiest page: Home
Second busiest: this one (blog)
Top keyphrase: chimpanzee postcards

As I say on WillsThrills, now you know.

Postcard Project Update - Tuesday, March 30, 2004

Well we made it back home after a weekend at Mom's house. When I woke up on Saturday Mom went to her drawer and pulled out all the things she got to show them to me. It made a pile about 10 inches tall and covered about 1/2 of her kitchen table. It was interesting to look through all the items and hear her comments. She told me that she wanted to put all the recipe's in a book and publish them. This was without coercion of any kind. There was a lot of stuff. I got her mail Saturday and there was three items in there. She said that it was a slow day. She told me to tell "whoever is behind this" to have them send her something else. I implicitly denied that I had any knowledge of who to tell but as things always happen we are approaching a new month and she will be getting a different item in the mail thus implicating me once again. She sounded thoroughly enthused about getting things in the mail so keep them coming.

My truck lost all oil pressure this past week and I had to have it towed to the shop, so I did not make it to Mom's this past weekend. My brother was in town, and I expect when he gets some time he'll post about all the neat things he saw. He did mention to me that Mom got something from the White House with a picture of GWB and a note, but I don't remember what he told me the note said...

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