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Postcard Project Update - Saturday, March 13, 2004

Mom set a trap and we may have fell for it.

While I was up there, my brother called. She mentioned the red door, and then said, "I haven't told anyone about the door except you two boys. So if I get postcards referencing a red door, I'll know it was you."


Please don't mention the red door.


Postcard Project Update - Friday, March 12, 2004

Just got off the phone with Mom. She has my kids today. Everyone, we're doing great.

Mom: We're getting ready to paint the front door red.
Me: You are? Don't you have a really nice door?
Mom: Yeah.
Me: But you're painting it red?
Mom: No, the kids are. That's what my mail is telling me.
Me: Your mail told you to paint the front door red? Isn't that a real nice wooden door?!
Mom: Yeah. The mail is driving me insane so I figured I'd just go with it.

Another conversation:

Mom: I got a book of recipes.
Me: A book?
Mom: Yeah, someone tore out a bunch of pages to a book and now I have them. I need a three-ring binder.
Me: Umm.. a whole book?
Mom: Yep. And I also got a recipe on how to boil water.
I laughed...

Postcard Project Update - Thursday, March 11, 2004

Warning: Non-Postcard related blog entry below
More like self promotion...

My company, Lighthouse Technologies, has released TownLink Software to the public. To promote the kickoff, we've put one copy of the software on eBay for your bidding pleasure. Someone is going to get a good deal.

Hey, it's my blog, I can do what I wanna...

Postcard Project Update - Wednesday, March 10, 2004

Martha writes: In addition to sending the promised recipe for chocolate cake, I just realized that I have a recipe for hippo stew. I'll be sharing that with Celeste, as well.

Hippo Stew

One small hippo
Salt and pepper
One rabbit (optional)

Dice the hippo into bite-sized chunks. Place in large pot or cauldron, and cover with water. Cook over a hickory wood fire for about two weeks. Season to taste. If more that 600 people are expected, add the rabbit, but only if most people complain when there is HARE in their stew.

Hopefully, your mother will not attempt this one.

I'll try not to post too many messages at once, but they are coming in quite often now. I save the funny/educational ones and try to post them here. Enjoy.

Jasmine suggest we send Mom a recipe for a Scripture Cake

Amy says: The hottie married your for your sense of humor. I wish I had thought of this first. I am sending my mom incotinency advertisements in the mail today. For her 50th birthday I had 50 pink flamingos delivered to her front lawn. She tormented me for 18 years...and I love her - so what does she expect? I am sending your mom a recipe on my company's letterhead.

Renee in Tucson asks: Perhaps your mom would enjoy some Mexican kitsch?
I dunno... what's that?

Greg in Vienna, Austria writes: Please do not sell me e-mail address to the enlargement boys. Fun idea, as I have too much time on my hands, your Mom will receive my Schnitzel recipe, in German of course. If I'm feeling generous, I may throw in a few other meal ideas from the Austrian 'Give your self a heart attack now!' cookbook.

And finally Amber in Philly sums it all up: I wish I was as crazy as you

Just a quick note that I was contacted by a writer for NPR... we'll see what happens...

I've got several email comments that I'll try to post later on today

Postcard Project Update - Tuesday, March 09, 2004

My brother is in Wisconsin this week on his last of 3 weeks boppin' around the US. References to cheese and Wisconsin-related comments are appreciated. Next week he will be home, and I'm expecting some posts from him...

We've talked on the phone a few times over the past weekend and have the April item all picked out. But we won't let you know for another week or so. Get ready, this one is easy to get, and its a sure (albeit miniscule) torture for Mom...

In a Perfect World everyone would send Mom something and no one would ever tell her. but alas we don't live there. bummer.

Going to Mom's this weekend, and I'll have a report of what I find. Mom says her drawer is once again overflowing. She's already started 2 photo albums full of postcards and business cards (from Feb) and I guess she's going to have to do a few more. Maybe I'll offer to purchase her a few albums...

Postcard Project Update - Monday, March 08, 2004

Talked to Mom this morning. She mentioned that she got a postcard from Philadelphia, PA that said "I melt cookware, so I won't send you a recipe". Haha!!

She said that several of the mail pieces mention Duff and Kevin. Maybe this is, afterall, working against me. Since nothing mentions me, that may tip Mom off as well... what do you think?

Mom said that her drawer of stuff is overflowing. She gets several pieces of mail a day now. Her husband gets the mail when he comes in, and she said he just rolls his eyes now. haha...

I've said nothing to him about the site, the plan, the project, etc. but I'm considering letting him in on it. Why? Because he could really help me push the point of it being someone else. Every time Mom said it was me, he could come back with a good one. And he's cool like that. In fact, he loved the idea of the Velveeta Fudge... heh... should I tell him about the site?

Lisa comments: I liked the line, "You moron." It's on the YOUR IGNORANT page. I started laughing so I decided to join in.
Whatever it takes, Lisa. heh...

Postcard Project Update - Sunday, March 07, 2004

Well I experienced what could be considered a major project setback yesterday. Mom called from her house. She lives out in the 'boonies' and is testing out a new cell phone from Sprint. We were out for dinner so she called my wife's cell phone.

After speaking with my wife for a few minutes, she talks with me. When talking with my wife, my wife was saying things like yeah, it sounds good, and yeah, its real clear. I knew Mom would be testing out a new cell ph so I figured out what was the purpose of the phone call. Then the phone is handed to me:

   Mom? hello? (ignoring Mom) hello?
   (to my wife, where my mom can hear) Did you say mom was on the line? i don't hear her.
   Mom? Hello?
   William stop being a brat!
   Huh? I gotta be a brat, Mom.
   Like all the mail isn't enough that you gotta do this too?
   Umm... the mail is not my doing, mom.
   Yeah, right.


Now, it could have been a setup to get me to admit something.

Friday, Mom came down to go to our daughters Spring Concert, and she mentioned that she had 'received several things from Florida', including an entire newspaper. Of course, I mentioned that my brother was in FL last week...

So for now I think we're ok. Maybe.

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