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Postcard Project Update - Friday, February 27, 2004

I'm filling out the forms to re-up my secret clearance and I needed information. So I called Mom yesterday to ask her for her address - because, after all, I don't know it...

Me: Hey Mom, I'm filling out this security form and I need your address...
Mom: Yeah, like you don't know it
Me: Huh? Well, I know the street but I forget the number...
(Mom tells me)
Me: And what's the zip?
Mom: (tells me). You know my address already because I'm getting more junk.
Me: You're still getting stuff sent to you?
Mom: Oh yeah, a lot. You'll never believe what I'm getting now...
Me: What?
Mom: Recipes. Recipes with Velveeta in them (see Jan 15th entry)
Me: Oh, that's weird. Kev's good. After the fudge fiasco, that kinda makes me look guilty. Mr. Florida is up to no good!
Mom: Yeah, that's the same thing he tells me about you...

Since I've requested extra help from Floridians this week, I had to make sure I mentioned it in a conversation with Mom... so I hope peeps in FL are sending stuff!

We're having a poker party this weekend, so I'll see Mom on Saturday night. She's spending the night, so I'll need to keep her away from the computers. I'm sure I'll get a bunch of stories, too. They'll be posted after she leaves, of course.

Postcard Project Update - Thursday, February 26, 2004

Our hero Shelby writes to tell me her latest shenanigans: Because it takes a while for mail to travel from Europe to the US, I thought I'd get a head start on the recipe. I wrote a short note saying "Celeste, Nobody makes Schnitzel like you do! Here's another variation to add to your collection. Guten Appetit! Shelby" I then enclosed a recipe for Schnitzeltaschen entirely in German and utterly incomprehensible. It's long so I won't reproduce here, but rest assured it requires ingredients like 125 g. Kalbsschnitzel and 250 g. Kräutenfrischkäse, and instructions like "Schnitzel zusammenklappen und feststecken" and "Die Schnitzeltaschen darin von beiden Seiten 6-7 min. braten." I think that should be confusing enough.

Ha! I love it...

Postcard Project Update - Wednesday, February 25, 2004

Today Mark tells me: I just stumbled across the site when I was reading an online newspaper from

I love the idea of this because I have been doing this with a friend sort of. When my wife goes away on business I make sure not to tell this friend and have her send a postcard to them. She was just in Boston and he is a huge Bruins and Bobby Orr fan so I had her send a postcard from Boston as Bobby Orr. We have done this for the last 3 or 4 years. My friend has never mentioned it to me and I still have not brought it up to him. Our last card was sent Feb 23rd.

I look forward to sending a business card today to your Mom!

Long live practical jokes. Thanks, Mark!

People send me a lot of one-word comments such as brilliant! and fabulous! - yes, I know...

My brother also gets a lot of comments, such as your brother rocks! and is it a bummer being the dumb one?

Postcard Project Update - Tuesday, February 24, 2004

I've added a new section.

I get a lot of email saying "I want to do this to my mom", etc. Yeah, well, you didn't think of it, and I did.

But, to appease the masses, I've created a webpage that will hopefully slow the 'do it to my mom' quote (which doesn't sound all that nice, actually)...

Read about it at YoMomma

Christy writes: I just had to share with you an example of how well my mom cooks... One Easter Sunday we took off for church... We came home to what should have been a delicious meal of ham and all the fixings... What we had was a charred piece of meat that had baked in the over for over 3 hours... Turned out that she had put the ham in but forgot to put the water in the pan... We had to chip thru a good inch thick layer of charred black ham meat before we got to anything edible... We teased her through the whole meal about how she cooked us a 'football'... To this day if we have ham at her house we remind her about the football...

So you aren't the only child that suffered from mom's cooking...

No, I'm not the only one. Thanks for the story!

Lori writes: As a citizen of the home country of the Barenaked Ladies, may I say that Canadians (and moms) everywhere are honored by your endeavours. Looking forward to reading all about the latest (stolen) items!
Thanks, Lori, and thanks, Canada. Hockey, The Barenaked Ladies, Paul Schaffer and Colin Mockery. What better could we expect?

Nick from Scotland, UK, who found the site "by accident" tells me marvellous idea, well executed...genius and viral marketing in one!
Viral Marketing? This is the stuff my real business only dreams of...

Lastly, Sharon says: Your site made me giggle all over. I think it is really funny. Just wanted to let you know.
People are always laughing at me, Sharon...

Postcard Project Update - Monday, February 23, 2004

Shelby writes: Hi Will,
I spent the day in Berlin, and I decided to celebrate by...writing your mom a postcard! I don't have access to a scanner so I'll describe it for you. The front of the postcard is your typical city card--8 different shots of various Berlin landmarks, and it says "Herzliche Grüße aus Berlin" (which means warm greetings from Berlin). On the back I wrote "Dear Celeste, Every
time I'm in Berlin I think of what you always used to say about the Berlin Wall. It was cold today--reminds me of our time together. Miss you!
Perhaps I'll be her first card from Germany! I'm an American living in Hamburg for 6 months and I plan on doing a lot of traveling, and of course sending Mom a postcard from everywhere I go. I'll keep you updated.

Shelby, you are a wonderful co-conspirator! Thanks.

I'm getting requests from Web Junkie, most in Canada. Can someone point me to the website that referred them here?

Also, I figured since many of you are returning to see how the project is going, I should provide you with an update. I admit, I don't know a lot about the total overall experience, since I only talk to my mom on the phone. She lives a little far and I make it up there around once a month.

* I'd estimate she's received around 250-300 pieces of mail so far.
* I've had about 600 requests for her address.
* People in Japan, Korea, Australia, Finland, Canada, Germany and New Zealand have requested it.
* Mom tells me she averages 10 pieces of 'junk mail' (that's us!) a day.
* The bottlecaps were not a good idea. They were often stripped out of the envelopes by the mail sorting machines.
* The project has been online since Jan 2.
* We have received over 90,000 hits since.
* Our busiest day was Wednesday, Feb 18 with over 13,000 hits.
* I received an address request every 5 minutes that day.
* I don't think Mom is 100% sure who is doing this.
* As time goes on, and she sees the items change monthly, she'll realize how organized this is, and most likely blame me.
* I'm not an organized person, but the power of the Internet can be (and is being) harnessed for cruel jokes on poor mothers.
* Mom has received a Shout! wipe, some origami birds, a note about Melba toast, personal letters, many postcards, and more.
* Mom loves the mail. She has told me "Whoever is doing this, tell them to keep it up, I'm having fun"


Postcard Project Update - Sunday, February 22, 2004

My brother Kevin is off to a week's worth of Air Force Guard duty in Florida. If anyone in Florida sends an Air Force related item, they get triple bonus points. Needs to be mailed this week with a mention of Air Force, beer, or "Disaster Duck" (don't ask). By time he gets back home it'll be too late, the damage will be done mailed.

Also, I've had a few complaints about the comments section acting screwy. If you comment and it gives you an error, please let me know.

Mom has also been out of town, so no new news to post.

Me, well, I'm still a geek, still wanting more gadgets, and I just ordered another Dell. Yippee.

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