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Postcard Project Update - Friday, February 20, 2004

Danielle from Franklin, TN tells me: I'm big on sending picture postcards -- regular old photographs can be stamped and mailed just like "real" postcards.


There are so many stories I could tell about the torment we had to endure as children. I suppose that I should pull out one of the more notable of occasions that involved Mom and the stove.

My brother and I were fairly young and Mom was not working. Thus she stayed home with us and had dinner "ready" for Dad when he got home from work. One afternoon Mom was "cooking" baked potatoes. She put them in the oven and went off to do other womanly things. My brother and I were in the kitchen at the table when we heard a loud "bang". Mom came running in to the kitchen and said "what was that?" We did not know what it was and stated so. She then tells us to go in to the back yard and see if someone is shooting at us. Which we did and came back to report that there were no snipers that we could see. (as I get older I have to wonder what the hell she was thinking sending her children out to "see if someone is shooting at us"). As it turns out she had forgotten to poke holes in the potatoes and under the heat they exploded in the oven thus causing the "bang".

I think of this story often and just have to wonder sometimes...

The potatoes were also a source of several jokes we played on mom growing up.

Will and I spent a lot of time in the woods behind our house. We had a creek behind our home and often we would find rocks that were of the same size and shape as a good russet potato. Somehow these rocks would find their way in to Moms potato bag. Plenty of entertainment when she would grab one and try to peel it.

With all this talk of recipes, lets not forget our focus for February is actually business cards. Keep sending the cards, and don't send the recipes quite yet.


Once we decided to make home-made syrup. We tapped a few maple trees in our yard and hung buckets. Fun. Six months later we finally had enough sap to soak a decent sized pancake.

Well, Dad decided since it was home-made, he'd go for the gamut. He built a fire next to our patio and fashioned up a little grill. Small logs underneath, and of course a big pot of sap on top.

To make syrup, you have to cook the sap down to an infinitely small amount, thus thickening the final product. Add some sugar, and well, somehow tasty, belly filling, sweet syrup will show up.

But, we'll never know.

After stirring and stirring all day, Dad had to go do something and asked mom to watch the syrup for ten minutes.

After cooking the sap all day, and only ten minutes under mom's careful watch, well, the pot caught on fire. THE POT CAUGHT ON FIRE.

Who knew, sap burns.

Dad returned to nothing but a molten mass of blackness.

In the interest of irony, This is what we are trying to prevent. Growing up Mom was not exactly a gourmet cook. Will and I survived but the damage was done. Thus the irony of sending Mom recpies is almost as thick as the smoke rolling out of the oven. Although I am sympathetic towards my brothers plight, EVERYONE keep in mind that HE is responsible for the formation of this site. This said I feel that he should have to feel the brunt of Mom's attempt at cooking. And I do mean attempts. I feel that we should in the next coming days share with you several of the "attempts" that happened while we were growing up. Having an understanding what we had to go through will lend to the irony of sending Mom recpies. Will you should go first.

Good Lord I had a terrible revelation this morning.

Yesterday my brother and I had a few emails back and forth with someone from Helsinki, Finland. The question was asked, "Should I send the recipe in Finnish or English"?

My brothers most eloquent reply: "Finnish, or course. We do not want to provide Mom with something that she will actually cook."

Oh no. Mom getting recipes in the mail. Mom turning on the oven. Mom inviting us up to try her new pumpkin bread.

We're screwed.

Well, I'm screwed. Kevin lives 500 miles away from the cooking. I'm not so fortunate.

So, do me a favor please, people. Either send Mom an incomplete recipe, a recipe in another language, or if you won't do that, then please make is a really good recipe. I'd prefer Mom to not actually use the recipes, but I have a feeling I won't be that lucky.

The whole 'play a prank on Mom' thing is going to bite us me in the butt. Ugh.

Postcard Project Update - Thursday, February 19, 2004

Hey look everybody! Mom on a postcard!

I had an idea. Yeah, another one.

I'm going to start telling Mom that I started receiving weird things in the mail. This will get me off the hook for sure. It will, well, until Mom asks to see some of it... but in the meanwhile, it'll put even more blame on my brother...

Today we hit 1Gb of bandwidth and we still have 10 days to go for this month. Yesterday alone we had 13,000+ hits.


I talked to Mom yesterday morning. It was a plesent conversation discussing my girlfriends son. Mom gave him a Rams Jersey for christmas last year. Since that day he would rather wear that shirt than anything else. I have had to ground him from wearing that shirt several times due to the fact that I am tired of seeing it. Mom felt bad about being the cause of this disturbance and I hung up. When I get home the phone rings and Taylor answers it. It is Grammy asking for our address ect. Taylor finally gives me the phone and I ask her what she is up to. She coyly says nothing. I ask again and she tells me that she is sending another shirt just to "stir the pot". This is the true reason for this website. The tormenting has been going tword us for years through our children so we are just giving a little love back.

Tons of requests overnight. Here's the funniest one:

Name: Joyce
From: San Mateo, CA
How did you hear about us: My freakin kid showed me
Comments: not yet

I have a feeling I'll be hearing more from Joyce... heh

Postcard Project Update - Wednesday, February 18, 2004

Apparently the "brother bashing" was an overt attempt to get me to post something out here since this is the only page I have to defend myself. No real news to report other than I talked to Mom this morning and she told me that she was receiving so much stuff that she has moved the items to yet another bigger drawer. Hopefully by the end of this "project" she will have to devote a wing of the new house to the mail. Jim ought to enjoy having his personal space invaded by letters postcards and other useless items. Keep the mailings going and I will continue to proclaim innocents. By the way she did not accuse me this time and I played it off beautifully by making the statement "I think it is really strange that people are sending you things like this". She just agreed. Keep them coming and have fun in our mothers torment. If you have ideas for future mailings please let us know. Comment and tell us and the world your thoughts. We are not proud just a bit deviant.

Linell from Ellicott City, MD says: Since I am a mom the age of your mom, I shoud be know better then to join in, but it sure sounds like fun.
Yes, old people can play along. And old people with money should send it to me, not Mom.

Beth from Newport, RI writes: Laughed til I peed my pants! This is a great idea and I hope your mom come to appriciate it if she ever finds out...btw I'll never tell!
Beth, get that puddle cleaned up.

I'm getting tons of address requests today thanks to a link from Thanks for stopping by, everyone. And thanks, Ms. Bitchy. err, Poo. err, BP.

ya know, I give my brother a hard time. he has no design or content rights over this site, other than this page. he can add his comments here (i was framed!) but to little or no avail. I have 15 other pages to bash and blame him. And I've just begun.

what did he ever do to deserve this punishment? i'm not sure. but he deserves it. the punk.

yesterday was another traffic surge day, thanks to, the Sarcastic Journalist and thanks.

most of our traffic still comes from various CraigsList sites around the country. However, when it comes to the number one traffic generator, it's by far CraigsList Boston. 22.6% of this sites visitors (this month) have come from Boston, putting Chicago in second place with a measly 6.9%.

Don't you people in Boston have anything to do?

Postcard Project Update - Tuesday, February 17, 2004

We've had several requests to expand the gallery. I'll probably be installing Gallery soon.
It would really help us out and make our lives easier if you could scan or take a picture or two of your object prior to mailing it. Then you could email it to me and I could post it. I see my mom only a few times a month, and usually only get to her house about once a month, so the stealing of objects is a far-and-few-between occurance. Plus, I can't steal the good ones because she'll notice they are gone.

So help us out.

Poll Results
The results are in, and recipes won by a foodslide landslide. So lets start getting those recipes together.

And I'd like to propose a twist - since I'm trying to drive my mother batty and all -

When you write your recipe, turn one ingredient into the words Mystery Ingredient. Be it flour, baking powder, yeast, curry, whatever. Make mom work for it.


1 egg
1c flour
1c sugar
1Tb mystery ingredient
3Ts baking powder

Sift flour, sugar, mystery ingredient and baking powder in large bowl... blah blah

That'll make it more fun, eh?

From Hsin-Yi: you guys are evil, in the best possible way.
Yep. We are the good evil guys you heard about in band camp.

And Rhonda in Georgia writes: This is sweet. Even if your mom doesn\'t know which one of you to blame it on, she thinks of both of you each time she gets something from a stranger. Too cute.
Ok you people are confusing me. Am I sweet or evil?

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Postcard Project Update - Monday, February 16, 2004

mom has a royal flush. someone sent mom a whole envelope of bottle caps with some sort of game on the inside. she has the 10-A of spades. how funny.

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