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Postcard Project Update - Saturday, February 14, 2004

You people rock. That's all there is to it. I'm starting to get so much email that its crazy. I look forward to reading everyone's comments and I'm doing my best to post the 'good ones'.

Also, today we went over the 200 mark on newsletter subscribers! Awesome!

Thursday I received my first offer for the website. Sorry, folks, not for sale. Now when Mom finds out, I may have a contest to select 'the next mom'. I get about 10 comments a day like this: I wish I'd have thought of this! and Can we do this to my mom?
Well, hang tight. Eventually my mother will find out and we'll need a replacement. Until then, don't bother asking.

Here are some of the latest comments...

Megan had a great idea, one I liked so much that Kevin and I may consider this for April... I just recently got married and someone on a message board on posted about this site. I think it's hilarious, and had an idea for ya. I think it would be hilarious if people sent your mom invitations to things, like their wedding, anniversary party, their spouse's birthday party or child's graduation...things that would really make her wonder if she knows this person and has to think...should she send a gift?!?!
Megan rules.

Sharon from Cambridge, MA says your mother is going to kill you!
No, Sharon, she's going to kill my brother. I'm claiming innocence.

Shannon writes: This is fantastic! You should eventually send a letter to the barenaked ladies to tell them of your inspiration maybe after your mom someday gets to the bottom of it. Cheers
Yeah, maybe.

someone else wrote: Sending expired coupons to a woman is such a tease. Downright cruel.
Is that why you signed up to the newsletter? Admit it, you love it.

Amy in Copiague, NY tell me: I've done this kind of thing to co-workers and an ex-husband. The sheer scale of your prank is mind-blowing. Good luck.
Thanks, Amy. But the real sheer scale of this is the fact that a simple idea can become a worldwide project because of this wonderful little thing we call the Internet. Without it, I'd still be stuck with an idea, and that's no good.

Dina asks, Funny stuff! Do I use my real name?
Sure, it's not like Mom is going to know... but my brother and I will.

And finally, Melissa from Texas comes up with some more ideas: I think you should do recipes to like for chicken soup or her favorite meal, smiley face stickers,buttons,coffee straws,rubber ballon unused, a square of toilet paper,a coffee filter, dam i wish i would have thought of this there are so many great ideas hit me up i think this is cool as shit.

Postcard Project Update - Friday, February 13, 2004

Latest emails I've received:

Elizabeth admits to posting the link on and says: It's too funny!! I can't believe you found my post soooo quickly. I feel so 'honored' to be mentioned in your Latest News!! I'll keep on spreading the word.
Elizabeth - I'm a web geek so finding stuff is fairly easy for me. thank God Mom isn't so technically savvy...

I got requests from
Rhia from Halifax, Nova Scotia
Sarah in London, England
Several people in Japan

Martha in North Chelmsford, MA says This is hilarious. I'll pass it along...just not to your mother!
I guess she read the rules. Good girl.

Michelle in Kitchener, Ontario writes: This project totally cracked me up, and I'm left sitting here laughing my head off and the other pod people are starting to look at me funny!
Is a pod the same as a cubicle? Pod sounds so, so - space-ish.

Mom called me this morning and said someone wrote her a quick note:

Celeste, do you remember me or not? If you don't then why do I keep sending you notes if you just aren't going to respond!?


P.S. All of you who have been subtly using Duff in your mailings have succeeded. Mom is thinking this may be her brothers doing (perfect!).

We had a sudden surge in traffic which has a few interesting notes:

Someone linked to us on, a wedding-type website. whoever did, thank you!

I had about 6 requests from people in Japan. Mom has YET to get anything from overseas, although I've had a bunch of requests from other countries. Most of the Japan requests are coming from someones LiveJournal post. I'll try to track it down.

I'm still posting on various CraigsLists, which is generating a little traffic. Like this latest surge, I think once people start finding the site and posting it (i.e. bloggers and forum lurkers), this thing will take off. Mom will have to rent a post office truck. now that's funny!

Postcard Project Update - Thursday, February 12, 2004

Looks like we may be getting together some recipes for next month, although the poll isn't complete for another 4 days.

I wanted to mention to everyone to please save a Valentine that you receive (but don't necessarily want to hold onto). We may do a Valentine mailing late in the year. Terribly out of place, and perfect for our little scheme.

Postcard Project Update - Wednesday, February 11, 2004

Jacqueline from Melbourne, Australia says: No mail from overseas? Really? This has to change.... :)

I agree, Jacqueline!

And Karen writes: some month you could ask people to send your mom a nickel... for her mental health bills. a collection of nickels, perhaps all the same year? (too subtle perhaps).

This is the second person to say we should send nickels. The idea is cool, but I don't want mom to have a drawer full of nickels.... heh.

Postcard Project Update - Tuesday, February 10, 2004

Today I was talking to my brother and he made the comment that as soon as she (Mom) starts to get mailings talking about her cooking then she would surely know who was behind this mess. So I will ask you to remember that subtleties is the key to confusion. Don't blow this for us but mention all aspects of what you now know about my mother in little subtle ways. Things that when WE see them we can chuckle but when she sees them she says "Huh, I wonder what that means" Have fun and keep the stuff coming.

You know, I got to thinking last night on my way home from work about the whole recipe thing and then the irony hit me. Mom, during the years that my brother and I were growing up, was and is a horrible cook. We are talking about a woman that has the sign in her kitchen "Dinner is ready when the smoke alarm goes off". And this could not be more true. I did not know cookies were not supposed to be black on the bottom until I moved out of the house. I remember a time when my (now ex) wife called me at work while we were living with Mom and said that Mom set the kitchen on fire. I was not amused and asked her to say hey to my friends on the fire department. So the irony of sending her recipe's would be well deserved. Not that I want you to vote for recipe's just an observation.

Mom called me last night, said she got around 20 pieces of mail last night. Mostly postcards she said. And for the first time she straight-up asked me if I was responsible for the whole thing. I uncategorically denied it. I don't like to lie to my mom, but it's all for the good of the community haha!

She did have one request:

Mom: "Not that you know who, but if you could tell the powers that be that I don't really like the sympathy cards, I'd appreciate it."
Me: "Ok mom, well, I'd pass it on if I knew who was doing it"

Apparently some of you, in your kindness, sent sympathy cards. While she agreed it was a kind gesture, I think she wants to 'forget' the whole funeral thing, etc, and the being reminded of it. So thank you whoever you are.

Postcard Project Update - Monday, February 09, 2004

Florence in Austin Texas says: hoot hoot - yeah, whatever Florence. ya little snot

only 7 days left for the poll

Visited mom this weekend. The kids were being really obnoxious, but that's ok. She had a few comments:

"It has to be one of you boys, because not that many people know my confirmation name" - yeah, I thought about that after I let it out. Probably wasn't such a good idea to do so...

"Someone knows that Kev is a firefighter, too" - yeah, Kev musta told someone that, I don't remember mentioning it...

And my favorite quote of the weekend:

"These people should save all their money from this postage to pay my mental health bills" - She actually said that! I had to laugh...

Mom has a credenza drawer now full of stuff. Its packed to the point where she's going to need another drawer. Here are some of the neat things I saw:

A set of business cards, all different co-workers from the same company. A word was on the back of each one, with the final message saying somethng like: Let us meet all your packaging needs. Funny.

Lynne sent Mom a ton of business cards, each one with a silly message. My favorite was the Angus Beef one that said Celeste, don't you sometimes just wonder?

Someone from Chicago sent mom a postcard with a message that said now that Mom stopped stealing milk money from her kids, she could have a job in Chicago if she needed it.

Several business cards were from other countries, although mailed from the US. I've had several people from other countries (Japan, Australia, Korea) request Mom's address, but she has yet to get anything from overseas.

One business card mentioned Mom's brother - kudos to whoever did that.

I only went through half of the stuff. My wife went through the other half, and I'll try to get her to post some stuff that she saw this week.

I've added a second gallery for your perusal. The poll is doing well, make sure you add your vote. Thanks everyone for making this so fun.

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