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The best way to hear about the current Mom's reactions, comments, and the overall success and/or failures in this project is right here. Feel free to comment, as that's what makes the Postcard Project even more fun!

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Postcard Project Update - Saturday, February 07, 2004

Julie writes: Hi Will --

I know we're voting for next month's item and all, and that you probably feel obligated to abide by the results.... but I like the idea of sending your mom recipes SO much that if you choose to go with recipes as next month's item, I'm hereby volunteering to send her one of those little rectangular recipe card boxes at the beginning of the month.... so you could then ask ppl to send her recipes specifically on 3 x 5 cards and she'd have an appropriate home for her new recipe collection!

Making this idea even easier for your loyal reader-participants/schemers, more and more recipe-collection web sites now allow readers to print recipes formatted for 3 x 5 cards. The Food Network does this, for instance. So people wouldn't even necessarily need to take the time to hand-write family recipes -- they could simply print them off from an existing website! ...

Julie is apparently Mom's new #1 fan. She has 3 envelopes of business cards all ready for this month, and she's invested over a dollar just in stamps! wow. what a spender!

Honestly, Julie, thanks for the fun. You and others are making memories for Mom for years to come.

Postcard Project Update - Friday, February 06, 2004

Kim writes: I read the "about mom" section of your site and you indicated that she is a para but you weren't quite sure what that is. Para is short for paraprofessional which in and educational setting is along the lines of a Teacher's Assistant.

I hope this helps! And, this is really a great project!!

Thanks, Kim.

Postcard Project Update - Wednesday, February 04, 2004

No real news to mention. Mom has stopped mentioning the cards and objects, which I presume is a tricky way to get me to mention it first. But I'll pretend to have forgotten all about it.

Meanwhile, I've received a lot of email recently about the business cards. Many people are sending several envelopes, staggered throughout the month.

Keep up the mailings, and I'll report any news that comes my way.

My Brother has not posted anything in a while. I just wanted to tell everyone that we are still scheming and coming up with ideas for future months. I want to encourage everyone to get the mailings going and I will call Mom in the next couple of days and find out what she has received. It is a lot easer for my brother to contact Mom since they live in the next town and I live 500 miles away. So y'all get on him to give us some news!!

For those of you that did not get the newsletter some of the ideas for upcoming months are:

1. Feathers
2. Fridge Magnets
3. Recipe
4. Old (Expired) Coupons
5. Family photos

If you have suggestions please comment on this post and all can vote.

Take the poll!!

Will said he was going to put voting buttons on the site so you the wonderful pranksters could decide what is the best item.

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