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Postcard Project Update - Friday, January 23, 2004

Laura writes: I had a great idea while contributing to the cause (downing the beers) - REFRIGERATOR MAGNETS! Everybody has a few a these laying around, they are cheap - flat - and who knows? Might do some real interesting things at the USPS!

Great idea, Laura!

Someone else offered up a suggestion, too: arcade tokens...

We made it to Dumb Stuff on the Net. is that a good thing, or no?

I called mom last night and she told me that she received a postcard from Las Vegas stating that they hoped her mom was out of the hospital and at home. I think this really confused her. Just for your information Grandma passed away Thursday January 8th. She was 80 years old and lived her life to the fullest. Whoever sent the card thanks. Mom said it made her feel good knowing someone she did not know was thinking about Grandma.

Postcard Project Update - Thursday, January 22, 2004

I haven't talked to mom in a while so I have nothing to report. I did however talk to some Air Force Computer people in Montgomery Alabama this morning and invited them to the maddness.

Rick says [re: Seeds]: The best info on is with Seed Savers Exchange at We have been told that as long as you aren't sending the seeds to DC, they won't be irradiated. Irradiation kills the seeds. Unfortunately, so does heavy mail equipment (crushes the seeds into dust!), so make sure you send your seeds either in a padded envelope or wrapped with bubble wrap if you want the receiver to be able to germinate them!

I like this possibility. Mom is curious enough to plant them. This would be a good one for this Spring, maybe April. I'll put it on the poll for March along with a few other of y'alls great ideas.

Keep them coming!

Josh tells me [re: Amelie]: It's a french film, really good film actually. But in the film, centered on the girl "Amelie" her mother has passed away, and her dad does not get out of the house. After subtle hints from his daughter, he still does not get out but talks about how he wants to visit places.

So, Amelie, has a friend who is an airline stewardess who travels internationally. Amelie's father has a garden "gnome" statue that he adores, polishes, re-paints, cleans, etc....which Amelie knows is one of his most valued possessions.

She takes the gnome statue, granted this thing is a little over 2 ft tall, and gives it to her Stewardess friend who in turn travels with it and takes polaroids of it in every major city next to something that sticks out as a landmark.

The father starts receiving these letters with the polaroids, and is confused for months, until finally the garden gnome returns, at which point the Father realizes he needs to go travel, and so he does!!!!

You should rent it, it's beautifully done, and with your style of humor you would probably be one of the few to understand it's subtleties...

I rented it last night and will watch it this weekend. Sounds great.

Speaking of Google, we are now number 5 in searches for "chimpanzee postcard". Not quite the desired effect I wanted, but heck, I'll take it. Twenty-two days into this project, we've received just short of 30,000 hits. Out of that, Mom has received around 60 items, mostly postcards and a few bottlecaps.

Also, apparently the comments section on this page was not working. A test this morning shows that it is again operational, so if you tried to comment the last few days, I apologize.

I've received a few emails about various subjects which I will post later on today. My brother has been pretty quiet lately. They must be making him work at his job. Thank God I have a government job, I'll never have to work another day in my life... heh...

Postcard Project Update - Wednesday, January 21, 2004

Want to help The Postcard Project scoot up the Google search list? Got a website?

Link to us just like this:

Send some guy's Mom a postcard

Thanks, and drop me a note if you do it.

Mom told me via phone this morning that the postcards have stopped. Now she just gets bottlecaps. And apparently the Post Office is wise to her mail, and they are hand-sorting the envelopes now. She also mentioned that she is "going to be really sad if this stops..."

Wait 'til the business cards start, ma.

For those of you like me that do not live in the top 40 world nor would be caught dead listening to Barenaked ladies (unless it actually was) here is a link to the lyrics to the song "Another Postcard". Thanks for the mail and keep them coming.

Rusty writes: if I get more spam my friends in stl will hunt you down like the dogs you are.. hehehehe

Hey Rusty, or is it Eric? I'm kinda miffed as how to take your email. Is it meant as a threat? Because I have no fodder for the complaints section. But I might have some Tonka Trucks you can have.

The 'hehehehe' at the end is what confuses me most. Does that signify that you meant it as a joke? Please, explain.

Oh, and if it was a true threat, you shouldn't have posted your phone number on CraigsList, goofball.

Postcard Project Update - Tuesday, January 20, 2004

Oh yeah, I have those in my purse. Remind me to give those to you tomorrow. By the way, Im in no way associated with this project I'm just the wife of the creative brother! (not to mention the most handsome) ;)

I stole a few postcards from mom over the weekend but forgot to bring them in (to work) to scan. I'll try to remember tomorrow.

Keep it up, folks. Mom is starting to really look forward to her mail. Wait 'til the business cards start rolling in next month...

Lastly, one person sent mom a simple note that said Melba Toast is good - signed Tookie

Another person wrote mom a two-page letter.

Another postcard asked mom about the time "they" were in Cancuun together, and those young fit boys came by, and how they pretended not to see them...

You people are great. Keep up the fun. But don't mention me.

Postcard Project Update - Monday, January 19, 2004

someone from Cornell University tells me: this is the best website ever, thanks for making my monday funny

best website ever? i'm glad to see your dad's money isn't going to waste on things like education

From a recent Newsletter Subscriber: This is one of the best ideas ever. Seriously.
It's cracking me up, and I am so there.

I hope you're done cracking up now. Isn't that what happened to Humpty Dumpty?

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