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Postcard Project Update - Friday, January 05, 2007

Visited my Mom this past weekend for late Christmas/New Years. She recently moved to Knoxville TN and isn't loving it at all. She had the house in good shape, and had the plaque I bought her on one of the walls in the bedroom. It reminded me of all the good days, what fun we had.

A few nights ago while watching some guy on David Letterman my wife made the comment that the reporter that blew my cover probably ruined a really good thing. I was dumb and didn't understand media at the time, and I ended up giving him a HUGE story on Mother's Day. Because of it, I missed out on offers from Letterman and Leno both. I missed out on an NPR spot, and lots more. After it was all over, I had nothing to show for it but a few radio spots, a nice plaque of the front page of the Post Dispatch, and a really happy Mom.

I just paid for another year of hosting and domain name for the project, but in all essence I guess it's more of an archive now than anything. I sure wish I could get it going and create a ton of buzz again, but every promise seems to fall flat. Maybe I could find someone I know to do it to that has no idea. Problem is, once you're on the front page of a major local newspaper, its hard to pull something like this off again without someone knowing its me.

Anyway, thanks to all of you who continue to hand around. Maybe someone will come up with something that'll regenerate this baby.

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