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About Stephanie

Her husband's name is Byron; they were married on November 4, 2005. They are expecting their first baby in September (she has a hunch it's a boy)

She just finished her first trimester and is starting to enjoy that she now only gets sick every morning, as opposed to all day long. Saltines are still her meal of choice.

They have two dogs, Dozer and Emma (I think both are Mastiffs, so there's LOTS of doggie drool) She is totally a dog person, until the actual baby comes, they are filling that role quite nicely.

They just bought a new house and are slowly fixing it up. They're also trying to sell an existing house that's been on the market for a few months.

Stephanie is the kind of person that thinks of everyone else before herself. She spent most of her life raising her younger brother and sister, as her mom was more concerned with other things, so Stephanie had to grow up fast. Needless to say, she never does anything nice for herself.

We went to see "Failure to Launch" last night and while I was waiting to meet up with her, I stopped in a card shop and bought her a cute little notepad in the shape of a dress. She went nuts for it; she loves girly-things...just never splurges on herself.

She's drop-dead gorgeous and doesn't realize it; a couple of weeks ago, she called me to ask what the red lines on her hips were - she's never had a stretch mark before! I want to hate her for that - but she's got such a big heart and darnit, I love her too much to. ;-)

She's a sales rep for my company's biggest competitor - she calls on construction sites and offices to try to get her company's rental equipment on the site. It's still a male-dominated industry and she has to work twice as hard to prove that she can sell for what she knows, not what she looks like. She breaks sales records regularly, and works her butt off to do so.

She's had a few problems with her pregnancy, so her doctor has put her on light duty. It's important that we keep with our tradition of sending light-hearted fun stuff, so we don't stress her out! I have already enlisted her husband's help - he thinks this is a fantastic idea and that she'll love it, so he's ready to instantly insert the fun angle
when the mail starts.

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