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Welcome to The Postcard Project, home of the Internet's greatest prank ever successfully pulled off (again and again!).

The Postcards for Mom Project started in November of 2003 after inspiration from the Chimpanzee song by The Barenaked Ladies.  (I hear you can illegally download that song from places such as Kazaa, but I wouldn't know personally...)  After hearing the song, I had an idea, and I knew just the victim... My Mom.

Poor Mom.  Her kids could have been fine, upstanding citizens.  But instead, she got me and my brother.  She could have done so much better...

After seven months and thousands of pieces of mail later, The St. Louis Post Dispatch caught wind of the project, and it made the front page of the Mother's Day issue.  When your picture is on the front page of the newspaper, its pretty hard to ignore.  Such was the case with my Mom.  She saw the paper.

The problem with a prank is, that once it is discovered, well, its usually over - but not in this case.  The Postcard Project has the unique ability of starting over and over again, each time a new victim, a new Mom, and new fun. We have now gone through six victims, and are looking for another.  I hope you'd like to join the fun.

The links to the site are along the bottom there.  Click around, get mad, get happy, laugh, cry, and of course, send something to our current victim!

Lastly, want to keep in the loop and be assaulted reminded each month to send mom something?  Good.  I created a mailing list.  I'll send only one message per month so watch for it in between the enlargement and Nigerian emails.


When I'm not pranking someone's Mom, I'm running a professional web design and hosting business.  Need a website?  Need Quality hosting?



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